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2020 Nissan Juke ST-L review

Nissan’s boldly designed compact SUV is back in an all-new form, but can it make more than a styling statement on the road?

First car, favourite car

Firsts are paramount to our mental growth. They tattoo our minds with an initial notion. Regardless of whether you like or dislike your first experience of something, it will remain deeply impactful on your soul for as long as you live. One in particular is your first car. All of your first memories of freedom become tied up in a piece of metal with four wheels...

2020 Nissan Navara N-Trek Warrior long-term review: Around town

In the first driving instalment of our Navara N-Trek Warrior long-term review, we're looking at how this off-roader handles regular urban duties...

ABC to Z: A quick guide to the iconic Nissan Z-cars

In late 1969, Nissan underwent a step-change. It introduced the first-generation Z-car known as the Datsun 240Z or Nissan Fairlady Z depending on where you lived. As time went on, the Nissan Z-car went on to become one of the most successful sports car families of all time. Now that legacy is set to continue with the Nissan Z Proto...

2020 Nissan Patrol Ti towing review

We've tested the Patrol extensively, but not on a longer towing expedition. Once again, the big Nissan impressed across the board.

REVISIT: 2018 Nissan 370Z Nismo review

REVISIT: Nissan's ageing 370Z is over a decade old, but with the 370Z Nismo, did Nissan finally unlock the true potential of the coupe? In honour of the new Z Proto's unveiling, we're looking back at another special Z model.

2020 Nissan Navara N-Trek Warrior long-term review: Introduction

The 2020 Nissan Navara N-Trek Warrior is something of a standout in the dual-cab segment in Australia. Whereas other manufacturers have been happy to release a product and let the aftermarket have its way with it, Nissan Australia decided to engage the aftermarket, allow them to enhance an already solid platform, and then offer it to the consumer with a full factory warranty...

Access Denied: The go-anywhere 4x4s perfect for exploring a wide brown land

Australia’s new car market offers a huge range of makes and models, but not every new car gets to explore Australia’s roads – or make new roads of their own. Here’s some of the better 4x4s we miss out on.

Ten of the best station wagons you didn’t know they made

Rarities, one-offs, and a 75th birthday present For Ferry Porsche.

2020 Nissan X-Trail Ti review

How does the 2020 Nissan X-Trail Ti handle itself both at home in the suburbs and cross-country away from the smooth bitumen of metro roads?

Five more of the greatest station wagons ever... the Japan Edition

You, the readers, made a point about some equally cool wagons not making the cut. So here we are.