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First car, favourite car

Firsts are paramount to our mental growth. They tattoo our minds with an initial notion. Regardless of whether you like or dislike your first experience of something, it will remain deeply impactful on your soul for as long as you live. One in particular is your first car. All of your first memories of freedom become tied up in a piece of metal with four wheels...

2015 Nissan Pulsar SSS sedan: Week with Review

The 2015 Nissan Pulsar SSS sedan is full of surprises, but Mandy Turner spends a week with one to see if it deserves its sporty SSS name…...

2015 Pulsar SSS sedan Review

The delayed 2015 Nissan Pulsar SSS sedan has arrived to complement the warmed-up hatch. Does it live up to the badge?

Sporty small hatch comparison : Mazda 3 v Ford Focus v Holden Cruze v Hyundai i30 v Nissan Pulsar

Almost anyone can throw on a pair of gym shorts and runners and look reasonably sporting in the checkout line at Coles, and the same is true with cars – the addition of alloy wheels, a spoiler and foglights can suddenly make your small hatchback look at least a bit athletic. As ever, though, it's the muscles beneath the clothes that counts...

Nissan Pulsar SSS Review

More than 12 months old and more expensive than ever, the Nissan Pulsar SSS is still full of potential.

2013 Nissan Pulsar SSS Review

Nissan revives the legendary Pulsar SSS with a 1.6-litre turbo. Is it a worthy successor to the last version?

2013 Nissan Pulsar Hatch Review

Does a cheaper hatch make a better Nissan Pulsar?

Nissan Pulsar ST Review

A classic example of 'base is best', the Nissan Pulsar ST is quietly impressive.

Nissan Pulsar Review

A famous nameplate returns to make a more convincing small-car case for Nissan.