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2013 Nissan Patrol Ti-L (4x4) Review

My y62 is my 4th Patrol and best yet! 15L/100 average. This is the first question asked by anyone is how I like it, yes it is large and not carpark friendly, I would not recommend it for weekly shopping trips around town, but put it in the country where it belongs and you have a very comfortable and capable vehicle...

2001 Nissan Patrol Ti (4x4) Review

I am a 18 year old boy living in Melbourne and the very proud owner of a 2001 Patrol. I brought this 2 years ago with 50,000kms on the clock. I decided I was going to try beef it up to be the ultimate off roader. With a huge 4.8L V8 diesel, it not shy with the performance. It gets me out of most tricky situations with ease...

2014 Nissan Patrol ST-L (4x4) Review

Having compared the new ST-L Y62 to the 200 series equivalent GXL (The VX model cruiser is closer spec'd to the Y62 Ti, and Sahara to the Ti-L. This to give you a more accurate price comparison. Unlike the official review that compares a GXL to a Ti). 1st. Everyone bangs on about fuel economy. Well the cruiser is probably the only vehicle you would compare to a Y62...

2005 Nissan Patrol Review

Ok so let's get the bad points out of the way straight up. The Y61 Nissan Patrol neither feels like a car or four wheel drive to drive. This thing is a truck - and I can tell you from experience that as far as trucks go I would much prefer to spend twelve hours behind the wheel of a T950 Kenworth pulling 24 tonnes than negotiate a peak hour drive across town in the GU...

2004 Nissan Patrol St Review

Just back from 12500 klms to far north west driving 3 litre direct injection auto patrol towing 2 ton offroad caravan.Had a few small issues(broken exhaust bracket/winch brackets broken/spotlight coming off)note these were all after market products. Must remember it has a small capacity engine(travelled with 2 other vehicles 100 series 6 cylinder turbo and 200 series v8 twin turbo)could nt keep up with them but that makes sense...

1990 Nissan Patrol ST30 Review

I love my Nissan Patrol! It has seven seats so we can all fit in plus plenty of room for all our needs. We have lifted it too and put bigger tyres on it to improve its off-road ability. I would seriously not own any other 4x4 ever.