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2011 Mitsubishi Challenger 30th Anniversary (4x4) Review

I like my Challenger very much but since it is promoted as a tow vehicle, I find it surprising that NO professional reviewer addresses this side of the cars performance. The comparisons made with other 4x4s tend toward the electronics and the gadgets which is fine for people who test all sorts of vehicles but I think these reviewers are forgetting what buyers actually want...

2013 Mitsubishi Challenger (4x2) Review

I didn't need a 4WD, so I bought the 4x2 as I couldn't justify paying more than $7,000 for the privilege. Besides, the 'Enhancement Pack' was only available in the 4x2 (for an extra $2,00 or so). This was factory tinted windows, auto sensing wipers and driving lights, and I think the reverse camera and Bluetooth...


I bought a 2012 base model Challenger auto and couldn’t be happier! With reference to the criticisms above: 1. Buy white and get the darkest legal tinting. 2. Fuel consumption for my auto, clean, is 10lt/100km country, 13 urban, 14 towing a 1.5 tonne RV at 100kph on highways and 18 in the hills. The trip meter varies from spot on to 1lt pessimistic...


Ok, here's an accurate and honest review of my 2012 Challenger. Firstly I can't stand people that tell you their car is great just beacuse they bought one- those people have serious issues. Here's the Pros: Easy to drive and super easy to park. Ground Clearance and cargo space are also pretty good. Also have to mention price is good. Fixed price service...


Very happy with this vehicle (2010 model LS auto). It tows my 19' caravan with ease. Fuel economy round town is about 12l/100Km. Good load carrying capacity.


Towards the end of towing a 1500kg caravan from Gippsland to Goulburn on to Batemans Bay and home via Eden. Fuel economy 14.5l/100km. Without the van on highways 8.5l/100km and we have only done 5000km. Plenty of power, great visibility, nicely finished car. Comments from backseat passengers is the great visibility. Easy to drive and cruises effortlessly...