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The new MINI owned by BMW was inspired by the earlier generations that lasted from 1959- 2000. Since the release of the new MINI in 2001 there have been 2 generations. In Australia the 2nd generation vehicles available are the MINI Cooper, MINI Cooper S, MINI Cooper Cabrio and the MINI Cooper Countryman.

MINI Reviews

2021 Mini Cooper SE review: 100km/h driving range tested

Do not adjust your set. We're back with the same Mini to conduct the same test – albeit in a slightly different way...

2021 Mini John Cooper Works GP review: Australian first drive

A rare and collectible model that's not as expensive as you'd think? Could Mini have created the ultimate car for the ultimate Mini fan? James lets loose in the 2021 Mini JCW GP to find out!

Mini Cooper S long-term review: Farewell

It’s not perfect, but this quirky three-door hatch is so charming you probably won’t care.

2020 Mini Cooper S long-term review: Fun factor

From quick trips to grand touring, this hot hatch is sure to light your fire.

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MINI Videos

Video: MINI John Cooper Works Range Review

As fun and engaging as every Mini is to drive, it’s fair to say that some of us might want just a little bit more. Which is where Mini’s performance arm, John Cooper Works (JCW), comes in. The current John Cooper Works range spans five models in the MINI lineup. Let's see how the JCW cars stack up!

Video: Charlie Cooper and living with the legacy of the famous Cooper name

His famous surname is instantly recognisable, and has proudly adorned the backs of cars since 1961 when his grandfather – John Cooper – struck a deal with the British Motor Corporation to turn Alex Issigonis’s Mini into something of a performance car...

Video: 2021 Mini John Cooper Works GP review

The team at Mini aren’t known for being subtle – but it’s not always Union Jack motifs and fun switchgear that they’re working on – no, sometimes they go a little bit extreme… This is the Mini John Cooper Works GP – the fastest and wildest road-going Mini ever made. The JCW GP is a limited production run model, with just 3000 being produced...

Video: Mini Cooper S long-termer farewell

All in all, the Cooper is an expensive yet surprisingly practical daily driver full of pep, personality and fun factor. I miss it already.

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MINI Comparisons

Mini John Cooper Works range review

There's plenty of history behind the John Cooper Works name, and now you can maximise your Mini experience with JCW options across the range!

Spec shootout: Volvo XC40 Inscription v Mini Countryman Cooper S comparison

Nowadays, European cars are pricing themselves down. With new product development and the amortisation of technology spurring affordability, $50,000 can either put you into an upper-spec medium SUV of the mainstream variety, or as we’re about to analyse, a premium mid-tier small SUV...

2020 Mini Clubman JCW v Mercedes-AMG A35 comparison

For the past few decades of human development, mankind’s greatest engineers and designers have been toiling away, not on orbital space platforms or interdimensional transporters, but magical handheld devices and hot hatch performance figures. We take two heavily-specified hitters, and head to the track!

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2021 Mini Hatch and Convertible price and specs

2021 Mini Hatch and Convertible pricing and specification 26 variants across three body styles, here by October Increased standard equipment and new styling across range Prices start from $37,500 before on-road costs. Australian pricing and specifications for the facelifted Mini Hatch and Convertible ranges have been announced, ahead of their local launches in the third quarter of 2021...

Vote for the Drive 2021 BP Ultimate Driver’s Car of the Year

Barely a day passes in the automotive world we don’t hear news about 'autonomous this' and 'assistance that', and you could be forgiven for thinking that the role of the driver is becoming less relevant than it once was. While technology is working on making routine driving easier and safer, we can see manufacturers also using technology to make driving more fun...

2021 Mini John Cooper Works hatch revealed, Australian launch by October

UPDATE, 22 April 2021: Local pricing and specifications for the 2021 Mini JCW hatch have been announced – click here to read the full story. 14 April 2021: The 2021 Mini John Cooper Works hatch has been revealed, ahead of its Australian launch in the third quarter of 2021 (July to September inclusive)...

Q&A: What are the small cars with high hip points?

Hi CarAdvice! I'm in the market for a new car but don't have the garage space for a full-blown SUV. My only issue is, I find a lot of hatchbacks, sedans and wagons a little too low to the ground and I struggle to get in and out because of a back issue...

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MINI Owner Reviews

2015 Mini Cooper review

Let's begin with a question. Have you ever made an impulse purchase that turned out for the better? Although 2020 is a year that might best be forgotten, it has given me the opportunity to consider things that turned out so right, including an impulse buy made years ago when we knew of more carefree times. I was looking to add some zest to my daily drive and that was what I got...

2011 Mini Cooper Chilli review

The Mini is a British icon, however its German designers have shown their ingenuity on the R56 series. My own R56 is of the naturally aspirated variant, with a 6-speed manual (the only transmission that should be in these cars). In not being quick, the car can get out of its own way. On the freeway it sips along at about 6...

2018 Mini Countryman John Cooper Works All4 review

I had always imagined that the expression "May you live in interesting times" was a positive statement that hoped that the person who was on the receiving end of those words would enjoy a full and fascinating life. As it turns out, it may well be that the origins of the expression could be a Chinese curse, which would make it kind of appropriate in the interesting times we are all currently navigating...

2018 Mini Cooper S Convertible review

What to say about my wife's Mini? So I like cars, and being over 6ft tall (that's 186cm in the new money), a Mini would not be my first choice. But sliding into the driver's seat, I was pleasantly surprised by how roomy it is. I didn't even have the seat all the way back, with one or two clicks left in the seat adjustment...

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