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2021 MG ZS EV long-term review: Farewell

After a half-year stint in the CarAdvice garage, Australia's cheapest electric car has made plenty of new friends.

2021 MG ZS EV long-term review: Team feedback

Our team became well-acquainted with the MG ZS EV. Here's what they had to say about Australia's most affordable electric vehicle.

2021 MG ZS EV long-term review: Family compatibility

Can an EV work for your family?

2021 MG ZS EV long-term review: Charging in the suburbs

When you live out in the suburbs or venture away from home, does an EV make sense as a family car?

2021 MG ZS EV long-term review: Introduction

Australia’s most affordable electric car sold out within days of reaching local showrooms. Now it's up to us to see how sustainable it is.

2021 MG ZS EV review

MG has given consumers the affordable electric car they've long been asking for, but is the ZS EV up to the task?

2021 MG ZS EV review: Australian first drive

MG told Australians it would make electric vehicles more affordable for more people, and with the release of the 2021 ZS EV, it has done exactly that.

2020 MG eZS review: Quick drive

China's MG eZS is going to arrive in Australia next year, quite possibly as the market's cheapest electric car yet.