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No pretender. The 2015 Lotus Elise S Club Racer is strictly one for the hardcore fans...
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LIST PRICE From $84,990
FUEL ECONOMY 7.5/100km

Lotus Elise Reviews

The stuff of dreams

When I was a kid, Lotus meant many things to me. It meant the best-looking Formula 1 cars on the planet, resplendent in their iconic black-and-gold JPS liveries (name a cooler looking livery… I’ll wait). It meant the exploits of the men who raced those cars, their names etched in my memory for all time, including my childhood hero Elio de Angelis...

The Lotus Elise and my Road to Racing: The first chapter

There is a small violin playing for me somewhere amongst an ocean of epic first-world problems. My first-world problem? That being the unfulfilled desire to be a competitive racing driver. Any car or driving enthusiast would feel that relentless craving somewhere deep inside – the thought of ‘what if?’...

Lotus Elise old v new: Series 1 and Series 3

Have you changed much in 22 years? What was your mobile phone like in 1996? Was your TV 2cm thick yet large enough to block out the sun 22 years ago? Neither was mine. In 1996, to crack a 0–100km/h time in 4.7 seconds required something like a Ferrari F355, while these days a practical and affordable Ford hatchback is a tenth faster...

Targa Great Barrier Reef in a Lotus Elise

There is no sport more expensive than motorsport. Arguably, there is also no sport as thrilling as motorsport. Any human that has ever been in control of a car at its limits knows the joys and the sheer adrenaline that the experience brings. It’s an addictive activity, but for many it’s often done in a manner that is both illegal and rather dangerous...

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Lotus Elise Videos

Road to Race and the Lotus Elise: The complete story

There is a small violin playing for me somewhere amongst an ocean of epic first-world problems. My first-world problem? The unfulfilled desire to be a competitive racing driver. Any driving enthusiast would feel that relentless craving somewhere deep inside – the thought of ‘what if?’. What if I too could get paid to race a car competitively? This is my journey...

Road to Race, episode 6: Targa time, at last!

After months of driver training and hours of practice and preparation, race and safety modifications to our Lotus Elise Sport 220, it’s time for Alborz to see if he has what it takes in competitive motorsport. This is the event that we’ve been building up to since Episode 1 of Road to Race, it’s time for Targa High Country...

Road to Race, episode 5: Prep and plan

With Targa High Country just around the corner, it’s time we take a look at Alborz and the Elise’s journey so far. How is his preparation coming along? What changes have been made to the car to get it Targa ready and has Alborz had enough time behind the wheel of the now competition prepared car? Finally, what is Alborz expecting from the event, the competition and himself now that he’s so close to start and finish line...

Road to Race, Episode 4: Lotus owner track day

In Episode 4 of Road to Race, it's time to get serious. Lotus owner track day! Catch the full series at the links below: Episode 1: Alborz lays out the Targa dream Episode 2: Why did we choose a Lotus Elise? Episode 3: Time to hit the track Episode 4: Lotus owner track day Episode 5: Prep and plan Episode 6: Targa time, at last!

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Lotus Elise News

Lotus Elise could be revived by third-party manufacturer, says company boss

British sports car brand Lotus is open to selling the rights to its Elise sports car to a third-party manufacturer when the iconic model goes out of production by the end of this year, according to a new report from Automotive News Europe...

2021 Lotus Elise and Exige Final Edition price and specs

2021 Lotus Elise Final Edition offered in two variants 2021 Lotus Exige Final Edition offered in three variants A total of 80 vehicles are expected to be available 0-100km/h times of 3.3 to 4.5 seconds Priced from $97,990 to $209,990, all before on-road costs Pricing and specification for the 2021 Lotus Elise Final Edition and 2021 Lotus Exige Final Edition has been confirmed for Australia, just months before the legendary nameplates are set to be retired...

Four new Lotus sports cars confirmed, will replace Elise, Exige and Evora

Lotus's sports car range will (at last) undergo a major shake-up this decade, with the British brand confirming the arrival of "a new series of sports cars" set to launch in the coming years. The new models will not sit alongside the existing Elise, Exige and Evora sports cars, but rather replace them entirely, with the existing cars to end production by the end of 2021 – marking the end of a trio of nameplates in use since the Elise's debut in 1995...

Lotus launches new authentication program, honours founder's last company car

British-based boutique car manufacturer Lotus has launched a new certificate of provenance program for owners, wherever they are in the world. Those who pay £170 for the privilege will receive a certificate of provenance which outlines their car's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), paint colour, and details on its exact manufacture date as per factory records...

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Lotus Elise Owner Reviews

2010 LOTUS ELISE R Review

The Lotus Elise is a rare sight on the roads and to most people seems like an impractical toy for track days and weekend drives. In its stock form you are sitting only inches away from the ground with relatively stiff suspension and a high revving Toyota sourced 4 potter with an efficient power band...

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