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No pretender. The 2015 Lotus Elise S Club Racer is strictly one for the hardcore fans...
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LIST PRICE From $84,990
FUEL ECONOMY 7.5/100km

Lotus Elise Reviews

Lotus Elise old v new: Series 1 and Series 3

Have you changed much in 22 years? What was your mobile phone like in 1996? Was your TV 2cm thick yet large enough to block out the sun 22 years ago? Neither was mine. In 1996, to crack a 0–100km/h time in 4.7 seconds required something like a Ferrari F355, while these days a practical and affordable Ford hatchback is a tenth faster...

Targa Great Barrier Reef in a Lotus Elise

There is no sport more expensive than motorsport. Arguably, there is also no sport as thrilling as motorsport. Any human that has ever been in control of a car at its limits knows the joys and the sheer adrenaline that the experience brings. It’s an addictive activity, but for many it’s often done in a manner that is both illegal and rather dangerous...

Cars We Own: 2018 Lotus Elise Sport 220 introduction

Oh no, I bought another car. Thankfully, it's stupidly good.

We bought a Lotus and headed to Mount Panorama

There's one trait that all car enthusiasts have in common, and that is a deep passion for their chosen car brand. We recently attended the Lotus Drive Day – our first as new owners of a new Lotus Elise Sport 220 –  and here we got to see first-hand how passionate the Lotus community is at Australia's most iconic racetrack – Mount Panorama at Bathurst...

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Lotus Elise Videos

Road to Race, Episode 4: Lotus owner track day

In Episode 4 of Road to Race, it's time to get serious. Lotus owner track day! MORE: The full Road to Race series...

Road to Race, Episode 3: Time to hit the track

In Episode 3 of Road to Race, it's time for Alborz to receive some guidance on how to get the most out of the Elise. Lotus guru and Driving Solutions advanced driving coach Mark Williamson puts Alborz to the test and shows him how to master performance driving. MORE: The full Road to Race series...

Road to Race, Episode 2: Why did we choose a Lotus Elise?

Alborz and Adam talk about the advantages and virtues of our new Lotus Elise Sport 220, and why it's the perfect car for Targa Tasmania. But first, some track days! MORE: The full Road to Race series...

Road to Race, Episode 1: Alborz lays out the Targa dream

Over the course of his career as a motoring journalist, Alborz Fallah has pulled thousands of laps on race tracks all around the world, testing the latest performance cars on the market. But, despite enjoying the privilege of flying around the world to experience the best surfaces and turns the motor racing world has to offer, there's a glaring void in Fallah's heart: proper racing...

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Lotus Elise News

CarAdvice podcast 129: LIVE from V-Spec Performance, with pristine Japanese sports cars!

This week Mandy Turner, Paul Maric, and Mike Costello are live from V-Spec Performance, surrounded by pristine Japanese sports cars. In car news, the 2020 Hyundai Palisade has been leaked, Mitsubishi will be taking a lead role in developing a ute platform for the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance...

CarAdvice on YourMoney, 24 October 2018: What's on this week's show?

On this week's episode of CarAdvice, Paul Maric and Trent Nikolic talk Toyota's new sports car, Nissan's special new ute concept, warranties and your rights, and much more. In the news, Toyota's legendary Supra is set to return in 2019, and we already know so much. Like, the fact that it's basically a BMW...

Lotus Elise meets the girl it was named after

The Lotus Elise has been around for some 22 years, and this week the lightweight sports car reunited with the girl that inspired its name – Elisa Artioli. Her grandfather is former chairman of Lotus, Romano Artioli, who was overseeing the British sports car manufacturer when the Elise was launched in 1995...

CarAdvice podcast 111: Riding in the tiny turbocharged Honda S660

You're joined by Paul Maric, Mike Stevens, and Scott Collie this week. Discussing car news, the 2018 BMW 620d GT goes on sale from $99,900, pricing and specs for the 2019 Kia Sportage have been announced, the Toyota Supra has been teased once again, and customers with a Sunset Yellow Kia Stinger will be offered a full respray to replace defective paint...

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Lotus Elise Owner Reviews

2010 LOTUS ELISE R Review

The Lotus Elise is a rare sight on the roads and to most people seems like an impractical toy for track days and weekend drives. In its stock form you are sitting only inches away from the ground with relatively stiff suspension and a high revving Toyota sourced 4 potter with an efficient power band...

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