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2002 Lexus IS300 Review

The Lexus IS series has come a hell of a long way since it's inception in Japan in 1998. Coming to Australia in 2000, the car was a bit of gamble on Lexus' then soft and sensible reputation. Lexus wanted to add a dose of performance to the mix so they could hope to compete with the BMW 3 series and the Mercedes C class...

2013 Lexus RX450h Luxury Review

Updating from a 2007 RX350 to a 2013 RX450h has been a mixed blessing, though overall I'm very pleased with the newer car. Performance in sport mode is quite adequate while even in the more sluggish Eco mode there is no trouble overtaking or darting into gaps in traffic. Economy has seen a big improvement, as one would hope when upgrading to a hybrid...

2012 Lexus RX270 (FWD) Review

I have owned previously an rx350 for 8 years. By comparison this car leaves a lot to be desired . The taking out of weight and dropping all wheel drive for 2 wheel drive means you have a very unstable vehicle when going up hill through tight corners or when taking off from standing position in the wet and especially on hills...

2013 Lexus IS300h F Sport Hybrid Review

Lexus loaned me this car in F Sport guise while my 2010 Lexus IS250 was being serviced. I was disappointed to get it. Wanted an IS 350. I was astonished at what a nice car it was to drive around Canberra and on open sections of road. Had driven hybrids before and did not give them any real consideration...

2003 Lexus RX330 Sports Luxury Review

The 2003 Lexus RX330 Sports Luxury edition is a comfortable ride with leather interior, electric seats, built-in GPS and a sunroof making it a nice car to drive. The only down fall with any Lexus is the price, but if you are looking at buying a second hand RX330 for the right price, you won't be disappointed.

2009 LEXUS IS F Review

Wins most drag races, handles wonderfully but still maintaining a comfortable ride. Engine sounds awesome and races like a bullet.

2012 LEXUS IS F Review

After a few months of searching for a car, I finally decided on the Lexus ISF. The Mercedes Benz C63 AMG was too frantic, and the BMW M3 was too highly strung as a daily driver. The German cars were also significantly more expensive than the Lexus ISF, which was strange because the ISF is more expensive than the other two in other countries...


We have gone from a V6 Prado and downsized to the CT200h and you really know it when you go to fill up, especially with fuel around the $1.60 mark at Easter. What the Prado travelled using 180l the CT can do with 45l. It's fun to drive and the hybrid system is smooth and I personally prefer it over the auto stop start that the European competition use to save fuel...