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Digital instrument clusters through the ages

The age of the gauge is over. Nowadays, screens are taking over. Most modern cars employ some of digital display to present vehicle data. Audi could be considered pioneers of this modern-day trend, having implemented one of the first, customisable fully-digital instrument clusters, in the third-generation Audi TT. They are not an entirely new thing, however...

Video: Lexus LFA and Lexus LC500 together

Even in this industry, there are those most cherished of cars. Among them, unquestionably, is the ultra-exclusive Lexus LFA Supercar, which only a handful of journalists have ever driven. So, when the opportunity came around for Alborz to push a Lexus LFA around a private test facility for the very first time, his schedule miraculously freed up and he was on a plane bound for Sydney...

Lexus LFA Review

It’s hard to believe that we’re finally in the driver’s seat of the ultra exclusive Lexus LFA supercar.