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2014 Kia Rio Sli Review

Have done 7000ks.Aussie enhanced handling is great, especially on tight bends. A bit more power such as a turbo would make this one of the hottest hatches available Living in the Hornsby area i have taken the advantage of driving the windy bends of the pacific highway.The car revels in these conditions and the fun is limited only by your own driving skills and nerve...

2003 Kia Rio Review

I have only had my Kia Rio for 10 months, but there has not been a single moment in that time that I have had any regrets. It drives amazingly, is beautifully comfortable and is really economical on fuel. It's a little car with all the value and space of a big one. Definitely a 10 out of 10.

2005 Kia Rio Review

A great kick-about car for around the city, the Kia Rio's big boot is ideal for road trips. Not the zippiest car or a particularly good looker, but she's reliable after all these years and cheap to keep on the road. She's a good girl.

2008 KIA RIO EX Review

I purchased a brand new Kia Rio vehicle in January 2008. I'm unlikely to buy another Kia as I am extremely dissatisfied and disappointed with Kia Motors Australia’s response to an issue I have with regard to my vehicle. However, I can offer some positive points on the car...

2005 KIA RIO Review

Overall, a great car to get you from A to B if you don't care about looking cool on the road. It's definitely not a car to brag about having, but at the same time I can't fault it for much. It's cheap to run, haven't had any major problems. It doesn't have much grunt especially when the car is full...

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