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Jaguar Experience Day: CarAdvice takes 20 winners to Sandown

Jaguar makes some seriously nice cars, but without breaking the law, it's hard to unleash them on your everyday roads. This is where the Jaguar Experience comes into play. Usually open for Jaguar customers or potential buyers only, 20 lucky CarAdvice competition winners got to experience the best of Jaguar at Sandown Raceway...

2018 Jaguar XJR575 review

What's blue, British and loud? The Jaguar XJR replacement — the XJR575. Paul Maric jetted off to Portugal to see if the Jaguar XJR575 lives up to its name as the toughest Tom in town.

2017 Jaguar XJ Autobiography review

Is a long-wheelbase Jaguar XJ in flagship Autobiography guise objectively better than a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series or Porsche Panamera? No. But that's no reason not to buy one. It's all about branding, baby.

2017 Jaguar XJR review

Big, fast and a little old-school. Does the Jaguar XJR still hold its own against the Germans?

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2018 Jaguar XJR575 review

If you always thought the Jaguar XJ was a bit of a pussycat, Jaguar has well and truly fixed that issue. Jaguar's engineering team has taken the XJR's wick, wound it up, and shot the car out of a cannon into a tin of blue paint. And, the end result is this tyre destroying limousine, aptly called the 2018 Jaguar XJR575, which replaces the outgoing XJR...

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Car News Daily podcast: Your daily download

Plenty has happened in the world of car news over the last 24 hours. If you haven't had time to read all the news on, catch up on your way home with Car News Daily, as Mandy Turner reads each news story word-for-word...

2021 Jaguar XJ teased

As we reported in June, the next generation of Jaguar XJ will have an electric powertrain. CEO Dr. Ralf Speth has referred to the next XJ as being “all-electric” and “full-electric”, suggesting there may be no petrol or diesel XJs whatsoever. AutoExpress published a teaser of the next-generation XJ, displayed at Jaguar Land Rover’s press conference this week at the Frankfurt motor show...

Jaguar confirms electric XJ is coming

The current Jaguar XJ will be the last with an internal-combustion engine, with the company confirming its next sedan flagship will be pure-electric. The XJ badge debuted in 1968, and has been attached to big, four-door sedans powered by everything from inline-sixes to fire-breathing supercharged V8s over that period, with a smattering of V6 and V12 engines thrown in for good measure...

Jaguar XJ and Range Rover to feature both electric, petrol drivetrains - report

The next-generation Jaguar XJ may be pitched as a Tesla Model S and Porsche Taycan competitor, but will be built on a platform that supports internal combustion engines. A source has told Automotive News the next-generation XJ will be based on Jaguar Land Rover's new MLA (Modular Longitudinal Architecture) platform instead of the unique architecture employed by the I-Pace crossover...

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2011 Jaguar XJ 5.0 Sc V8 Supersport LWB Review

An amazing vehicle and excellent value as I purchased it with only 25,000 kilometres for a fraction of the new price. The best economy I've recorded on a trip was 7.7litres per 100 km and most of the time it is better than 11 litres per 100km! The acceleration is ballistic on demand. Service costs are no more than my 4x4 ute and like my previous series 350 XJ it has been totally reliable...

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