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The 2017 Hyundai i30 is a more appealing entry level small car than the Mazda 3 or Toyota Corolla, but can the higher grades step up to the plate as well? Here are our first impressions on Australian roads
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Hyundai i30 Tourer Review

The Hyundai i30 Tourer proves that a small wagon can make a whole lot of sense for small families...

Small car comparison: Toyota Corolla v Hyundai i30 v Mazda3 v Ford Focus

With an all-new Toyota Corolla launched with a $19,990 price tag, we find out which is the best entry-level small car for the money, putting the world's best selling small car up against the Ford Focus, Hyundai i30 and Mazda3. Words: Daniel DeGasperi. Photos: Easton Chang. Comparison tests don’t come more relevant than this...

Hyundai i30 Review

South Korea gives Europe and Japan a run for their money in the small-car segment with the highly commendable i30 hatch.

Hyundai i30 Review

The introduction of the all-new Hyundai i30 is the most important launch for the South Korean manufacturer since the original i30 first rolled into showrooms almost five years ago. The new Hyundai i30 is the first second-generation 'i' car from the brand – a landmark that has seen a philosophy shift from honest, value-for-money motoring to the pursuit of class leadership through fresh design, focused engineering and technical innovation...

Hyundai i30 Review

The second-generation Hyundai i30 has a lot to live up to...

Hyundai i30 Review 2012

The second-generation Hyundai i30 arrives mid-year, but we've driven it in the UK to find out if it's closed the gap to the small-car leaders.

Hyundai i30 CRDi Racing in Targa Tasmania

Course conditions for day one: Heavy Rain and very slippery! That’s the news I woke to at 6.00am on Wednesday morning for the official start of the 2010 Targa Tasmania, and my first time as a co-driver in a factory backed team. Reaching speeds of up to 200km/h in wet and slippery conditions on twisty, off-camber roads isn’t exactly what I was looking forward to as a first timer in one of the most demanding tarmac rallies in the world...

Hyundai i30 at Targa Tasmania CarAdvice Co-Driving

Ever tried reading pace notes while you’re being G-force pummeled in the co-driver’s seat of a rally car for five hours? It’s the toughest job in the motorsport business and absolutely not for the faint hearted or those who feel queasy while reading in the car, which I certainly do. Behind the wheel is definitely the better place to be in a hardcore rally such as Targa Tasmania...

Hyundai i30cw Long-Term Update

Test model: Hyundai i30cw SX CRDi, 5-speed manual transmission - $24,390 (manufacturer's list price) It’s easier loading my 7 year-old daughter’s mountain bike into the i30cw wagon; than it was in any SUV I’ve driven this year. I figure it’s the low load entry that accounts for this revelation...

Hyundai i30cw Long Term Review

Model tested: i30cw SX CRDi with five-speed manual transmission - $23,390 To understand how and why the i30 is such an outstanding drive, you have to understand just how far Hyundaui have come in the past few years, and where they're at now...

2009 Hyundai i30cw Review & Road Test

2009 Hyundai i30cw Diesel Review & Road Test The perfect example of a diesel family wagon // Models Tested: 2009 Hyundai i30cw SX CRDi; 1.6-litre turbo diesel; five-speed manual; wagon - $23,390 (RRP) 2009 Hyundai i30cw SLX CRDi; 1...