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2016 Holden Insignia VXR: Long-term report three

After hanging onto the Insignia for an additional month, we take a look at how it tours across our country.

2016 Holden Insignia VXR: Long-term report two

We check in again with our long-term 2016 Holden Insignia VXR to see how it's keeping on, and even take it to the track...

2016 Holden Insignia VXR: Long-term report one

The turbocharged all-wheel drive Holden Insignia VXR joins the Melbourne long-term fleet.

2015 Holden Insignia VXR Review

The Holden Insignia VXR could be a window into Holden's performance future when the Commodore takes its final bow. We spend a week behind the wheel to take a closer look.

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How does all-wheel drive work? All-wheel drive demonstration on snow

Read the article here. All-wheel drive is an integral part of many modern sports cars. Adaptive all-wheel drive in the Holden Insignia VXR works by shuffling torque between the front and rear axles and between the two rear wheels. In this demonstration, we joined V8 Supercars driver James Courtney and setup an ice handling circuit to see what the difference is between a front-wheel drive car and an all-wheel drive car...

2016 Holden Insignia VXR Review

Holden's huge product onslaught has just commenced and one of the first cabs off the rank may look familiar. Last seen in Australia wearing the Opel Insignia OPC badge, Holden has just taken the wraps off the Holden Insignia VXR and we're about to put it through its paces. Priced at $51,990, the Holden Insignia VXR launches at $8000 less than the less time it was here wearing an Opel badge...

How does stability control work? ESC demonstration on ice with the Holden Insignia

Read the article here. Electronic Stability Control was developed in the late 80's and has become a mainstay in the automotive industry. We went to the Southern Hemisphere Proving Ground in New Zealand to put the technology to the test with V8 Supercars driver James Courtney and the new Holden Insignia VXR.  ...

Holden Insignia News

Holden Astra Coupe, Insignia VXR retired; Cascada dropped too - UPDATE

UPDATE: The Cascada convertible has also been dropped from the company's range, reducing the number of Opel-sourced vehicles to the new-generation Astra and the upcoming Commodore (a rebadged Insignia). The Holden Astra Coupe and Insignia VXR have been quietly dropped from the company's website, meaning the Commodore SS models are the only performance offerings left in the line-up...

2018 Holden Commodore captured?

Here are the first spy images of the 2017 Open Insignia, a car tipped by many to be the basis for the forthcoming, first fully-imported Holden Commodore. The new Opel Insignia, which our spy photographers predict will premiere in September 2017 at the Frankfurt motor show but which could easily appear as early as 2016, is set to grow significantly over the current version, sold here in hot VXR AWD turbo guise...

What is all-wheel drive? Does all-wheel drive give my car more grip?

A common misconception about all-wheel drive cars is that they offer you more grip. When CarAdvice reader Tony contacted us with this question, we thought it would be time to set the record straight and show you how an all-wheel drive car differs from a front-wheel drive car...

How does stability control work? Do I need ESC for my next car?

Developed in the late 1980s, Electronic Stability Control (also known as ESC or ESP), has formed a major part of vehicle safety. When reader Stefan contacted CarAdvice asking whether he should be looking for a vehicle with stability control, we wanted to put the technology to the test to demonstrate just how integral it is to vehicle safety...

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Holden Insignia Owner Reviews

2016 Holden Insignia VXR review

This is my daily driver. I have a 20km commute, mainly in peak hour, and the majority of time spend on the freeway. It averages 12.5L/100km. I agree with the pros that have reviewed the car about the auto gearbox, it's not the best. To get the most out of it, you simply leave it in manual mode and change whenever you want to...

2015 Holden Insignia Vxr Review

This is one of the many fast mid sized sedans in the world that is overlooked. The Insignia has a 2.8L turbocharged V6 with 239kW and 435Nm. Blessed with AWD, this car will rocket from 0-100kph in 5.8 seconds. It is both very well built and comfortable for long distance traveling. this is one of those cars that you aren't wuite sure about..