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The Equinox is Holden's long-awaited rival for the Mazda CX-5 and about 10 other hot-selling medium SUVs. The company has a hard road ahead of it, but there's not much wrong with the product.
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Holden Equinox Reviews

2019 Holden Equinox LTZ long-term review: Farewell

After spending six months with our Equinox, we take a look back on its most redeeming and not-so-redeeming features.

2019 Holden Equinox LTZ long-term review: Road trip

We see how the Equinox tackles a 400km road trip to the northern Victorian country to visit family.

2019 Holden Equinox LTZ AWD long-term review: Urban driving

We spend some time exploring the park roads and concrete playground of Melbourne in our long-term Holden Equinox.

2019 Holden Equinox LTZ long-term review: Infotainment and tech

Holden’s Equinox comes packed with a lot of goodies, though it does miss some items you might find elsewhere.

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Holden Equinox Videos

Top 10 SUVs off-road: Which medium SUV is the best?

So, you bought a mid-sized SUV with all-wheel drive. Can it go off-road? We take the top 10 medium SUVs off-road through three very basic tests to see if any of them can make it through unscathed...

Best medium family SUV 2019: 10 SUVs, 1 winner!

When it comes to mid-sized SUVs, there's one that stands out from the rest. CarAdvice compares the 10 best selling SUVs on the segment to find out which SUV is the best on-road, which is the safest SUV and which SUV is the best value...

2019 Holden Equinox LTZ long-term review: Welcome! | All wheel drive SUV

Welcoming the Holden Equinox to CarAdvice's long-termer test fleet.

2018 Holden Equinox range review

Holden has had to battle without a compelling mid-size SUV to rival the Mazda CX-5, Hyundai Tucson and Toyota RAV4 for far too long. But finally the brand has something to throw into the fray: the Holden Equinox, sold as a Chevy in North America but retuned by Holden’s engineers to better suit our roads.

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Holden Equinox Comparisons

Medium SUV off-road test: Toyota RAV4, Holden Equinox, Mazda CX-5, Renault Koleos, Subaru Forester, Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage, Volkswagen Tiguan, Honda CR-V and Nissan X-Trail

We all know your rationale when it comes to buying a medium-sized SUV with all-wheel drive. You want a vehicle with more room for the kid(s) – or kid(s) that are coming – but you also have in the back of your mind that one day you might need to go off-road. Anybody that's done any proper off-roading knows that the type of off-roading you think you're going to do, compared to the type you'll actually do, is very different...

Best medium family SUV 2019: Holden Equinox v Honda CR-V v Hyundai Tucson v Kia Sportage v Mazda CX-5 v Nissan X-Trail v Renault Koleos v Subaru Forester v Toyota RAV4 v Volkswagen Tiguan

Ten of the best and most popular mid-sized SUVs go head-to-head, but there can only be one winner.

2019 Holden Equinox v Kia Sportage comparison

SUVs have been pushed front and centre of Holden’s response to a downturn in sales. And the Equinox, considering it sits in what is now the most popular vehicle segment in Australia, faces the most pressure to perform. The Holden’s first full year on sale, 2018, was a solid start with all but 5000 units...

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Holden Equinox News

2021 Holden Equinox facelift debuts in the US

The facelifted Chevrolet Equinox has made its official debut in the US at the 2020 Chicago motor show. We're still waiting to hear back from Holden as to when the updated Equinox will land in Australia. At the front the Equinox now has a much bolder design, with the grille spears now dividing the headlights in two...

2020 Holden Equinox surfaces in China leak ahead of Australian debut

The new-look 2020 Holden Equinox looks to have surfaced early, thanks to what has been reported as a leak in the Chinese press – shown here in its Chevrolet-badged form. As expected, thanks to spy photos published by CarAdvice in March last year, Holden parent General Motors has worked to correct the Equinox's derided dowdy styling in this makeover...

Car News Daily podcast: Your daily download

Today's download includes: 2020 Holden Equinox range to be streamlined Aston Vanquish 25 revealed: Ian Callum talks first independent project Lamborghini hypercar teased... again 2019 McLaren Senna recalled Bugatti Chiron tops 300mph as company looks to leave the speed record game 2020 Nissan Patrol leaked 2020 Skoda Scala Monte Carlo revealed  Volkswagen 'Urban Coupe' teased Volkswagen ID...

2020 Holden Equinox range to be streamlined

Holden is hoping a simplified range will give its Equinox mid-sized SUV a sales boost for the 2020 model year. The two base models (LS, LS+) will be discontinued from the end of 2019, and the unloved diesel and manual options will be axed. The starting price for a new Equinox is likely to increase from $27,990 drive-away to more than $32,000 before on-road costs with the revised line-up...

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Holden Equinox Galleries

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