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The light car segment is more competitive than it's ever been in Australia, and buyers get more value for money than they ever have. The Barina has its work cut out.
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LIST PRICE Fr $20,390
FUEL ECONOMY 6.6/100km

2016 Holden Barina RS review

The RS Barina is definitely a cool little car. The 1.4-litre turbo engine has a lot of balls to it, especially with the six-speed manual gearbox. I personally believe this little combo certainly helps, as I have been able to overtake a car in sixth gear effortlessly. The handling and suspension are very good as well – it's not your average Barina...

2014 Holden Barina Rs Review

Im from rural Australia, where I come from the standard prequisites for a first car buyer are large, diesel (if you arent going for a sedan) and displacement (the more the better) so when I brought my barina RS home for the first time I was met buy a generalised 'why?'. To put things in perspective I come from a family of Pajero's, Triton's, Navara's and recently a Holden Colorado...

2012 Holden Barina CDX Review

I purchased my NEW Holden Barina CDX Sedan off the boat, Lovely car to look at, has all the bling, sun roof, fog lights, leather seats and seat warmers. Great little car for two people, there is very little room in the back, Fuel economy, well lets just say it drinks the fuel, I travel 90km's a day, on a full tank you get 566km's so I always need to fuel up at least twice a week, I have a VE Commodore, and I would say this is just as thirsty !!