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Holden, officially known as General Motors Holden, is an iconic Australian car brand which has been in business since 1856. Its headquarters are in Port Melbourne, Victoria. The company was founded as a saddlery manufacturer in South Australia. In 1908 it moved into the automotive field, becoming a subsidiary of the United States-based General Motors (GM) in 1931. Holden is one of the top selling brands in Australia offering a wide range of vehicles across all key segments including small cars, passenger vehicles, SUVs and utes.

Holden Reviews

2019 Holden Equinox LTZ long-term review: Road trip

We see how the Equinox tackles a 400km road trip to the northern Victorian country to visit family.

2019 Holden Equinox LTZ AWD long-term review: Urban driving

We spend some time exploring the park roads and concrete playground of Melbourne in our long-term Holden Equinox.

2019 Holden Acadia LTZ-V AWD review

The Holden Acadia enters the seven-seat large-SUV fray with a bold statement. This top-of-the-range LTZ-V with its rugged looks and abundance of standard equipment brings a lot to the fight.

2019 Holden Equinox LTZ long-term review: Infotainment and tech

Holden’s Equinox comes packed with a lot of goodies, though it does miss some items you might find elsewhere.

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Holden Videos

Top 10 SUVs off-road: Which medium SUV is the best?

So, you bought a mid-sized SUV with all-wheel drive. Can it go off-road? We take the top 10 medium SUVs off-road through three very basic tests to see if any of them can make it through unscathed...

Best medium family SUV 2019: 10 SUVs, 1 winner!

When it comes to mid-sized SUVs, there's one that stands out from the rest. CarAdvice compares the 10 best selling SUVs on the segment to find out which SUV is the best on-road, which is the safest SUV and which SUV is the best value...

2019 Holden Colorado Xtreme Pack

Sponsored by: Holden This is the 2019 Holden Colorado equipped with the lion brand's new 'Xtreme Pack', designed for – you guessed it – proper off-roading. Thanks to the Holden Genuine Accessories catalogue, this pack offers a Warn winch up front, along with upgraded heavy-duty springs, all-terrain tyres, a towing package, side steps, snorkel, guard flares and a Rhino-developed roof tray...

2019 Holden Colorado Rig Pack

Sponsored by: Holden This is the 2019 Holden Colorado equipped with the lion brand's new 'Rig Pack', designed for family needs and weekend adventures. There's a nudge bar, bonnet protector and LED strip lighting up front, along with one-piece side steps and an electronic brake controller in the cabin...

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Holden Comparisons

Medium SUV off-road test: Toyota RAV4, Holden Equinox, Mazda CX-5, Renault Koleos, Subaru Forester, Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage, Volkswagen Tiguan, Honda CR-V and Nissan X-Trail

We all know your rationale when it comes to buying a medium-sized SUV with all-wheel drive. You want a vehicle with more room for the kid(s) – or kid(s) that are coming – but you also have in the back of your mind that one day you might need to go off-road. Anybody that's done any proper off-roading knows that the type of off-roading you think you're going to do, compared to the type you'll actually do, is very different...

Best medium family SUV 2019: Holden Equinox v Honda CR-V v Hyundai Tucson v Kia Sportage v Mazda CX-5 v Nissan X-Trail v Renault Koleos v Subaru Forester v Toyota RAV4 v Volkswagen Tiguan

Ten of the best and most popular mid-sized SUVs go head-to-head, but there can only be one winner.

2019 Holden Trax LTZ v Honda HR-V RS comparison

Small SUVs currently account for around 12 per cent of the Australian new-car market, and it's still growing despite a recent overall decline in sales. Nearly 10,000 of these small crossovers are registered each month, and there are 26 different models competing for that volume right now...

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Holden News

The best and worst car brands for servicing: 2019 JD Power report

Former local favourites Ford and Holden are struggling on the sales charts, and things aren't much better at the service desk. Holden (770/1000) scored below the mass market average (788/1000) for customer service satisfaction, narrowly ahead of Jeep (769/1000), while Ford matched the industry average in a consumer satisfaction survey...

Ford, GM say they are prepared for economic downturn

Ford and General Motors (GM) have both gone on the record to say they have cash on hand, and plans in place to deal with a potential recession. At a recent conference in New York, Dhivya Suryadevara, the chief financial officer of GM, told Reuters the automaker has cash reserves of around US$18 billion ($26.55b)...

GM cancels new Holden Colorado platform and Jeep Wrangler rival - report

GM has stopped work on a new "mid-size" truck platform codenamed GMT-32xx, designed to underpin its next-generation trucks and a new Jeep Wrangler rival. That's according to Muscle Cars and Trucks, which says the GMT-32xx platform was to be the basis of the next-generation Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, Holden Colorado, and associated SUVs...

Takata: Brands with lower completion rates still on track with mandatory recall

Australia's Takata airbag recall is almost 80 per cent complete, but the ACCC data says there are three brands with a conversion rate below 70 per cent. A combination of heat and humidity can make the propellant in Takata airbag inflators degrade over time. In an accident where the airbags deploy, metal fragments could shoot into the cabin, posing a serious risk of injury or death to passengers...

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Holden Owner Reviews

2007 Holden SV6 Ute review

I was growing tired of riding my bike during the wet season (I live in the tropics) and having to sit in damp clothes for eight hours every day. After owning motorcycles for four years, it was time to get another car. My lifestyle meant I needed a ute to cart my bike around and for also going to the rubbish tip...

2018 Holden Calais V Tourer review

The greatest day of your life happens. You find out that fatherhood is just around the corner! Then comes the crashing reality check of owning a super-mini. No prams will fit in the boot, and the baby capsule requires the passenger seat to be set in the Tyrion Lannister seating position. Enter the all-new, European (gasp!) Holden Calais V Tourer...

2016 Holden Commodore SS-V Redline review

When I told my wife I was going to get a Commodore, she didn't think much of it - actually, she thought I wasn't serious. I had a barely two year old Mazda 3 SP25 GT which was fine, but uninspiring. It didn't do anything wrong - but as someone once said, "If you can park your car, and walk away without looking back, you've got the wrong car...

1990 Holden Calais review

You Can Polish a Turd – The Revolution of the VN. Over the 29 years it has graced our streets, somewhere along the way the VN Commodore and its variants have turned from (albeit poorly constructed) prestige into punchline. Often the butt of jokes surrounding 'Straya pride', it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the VN is currently seeing out its days in the shadows of its predecessors' limelight...

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