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Holden, officially known as General Motors Holden, is an iconic Australian car brand which has been in business since 1856. Its headquarters are in Port Melbourne, Victoria. The company was founded as a saddlery manufacturer in South Australia. In 1908 it moved into the automotive field, becoming a subsidiary of the United States-based General Motors (GM) in 1931. Holden is one of the top selling brands in Australia offering a wide range of vehicles across all key segments including small cars, passenger vehicles, SUVs and utes.

Holden Reviews

10 of the greatest station wagons ever

It’s no secret SUVs of all shapes and sizes have become the go-to vehicles for families, continuing to sell in numbers that makers of large, four-door sedans can only dream about now. The SUV boom has also claimed another automotive scalp, consigning the once-loved and humble station wagon to niche status...

The last drive: A farewell to Holden

It was supposed to be an excuse to get reacquainted with the company’s family seven-seater, but it looks like this could end up being the last new Holden I drive.

The origins of the 'Lion' logo

It’s a logo instantly recognisable to most Australians, a proud lion rolling a stone, its stoic and regal posture adorning millions of cars made by General Motors Holden. The Lion symbol is as recognisable as the cars it appears on, has appeared on in a history stretching back almost 100 years...

Farewell Holden: 1856-2020

From humble beginnings as a saddle manufacturer, to becoming a subsidiary of global automotive giant General Motors and one of the top-selling brands in Australian automotive history, today we take a moment's silence for the death of Australia’s longest-running carmaker...

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Holden Videos

End of an era: Holden to be retired

The Holden brand will be retired at the end of this year, selected showrooms may stock a limited range of Chevrolet vehicles under new General Motors Specialty Vehicles badge.

2019 Holden Colorado review: V8 Harrop Superado

Unfortunately, the legendary and ubiquitous Aussie V8 ute has been assigned to the history books for some time now. Those wanting one will be trawling through second-handers instead of showroom floors, as the market has pivoted towards the 4X4 ute. One option is a tuned Holden Colorado by engineering outfit Harrop, who call their car the 'Superado'...

2019 Holden Acadia LT long-termer: Welcome!

Introducing our latest long-termer, the 2019 Holden Acadia. Along with our editorial team, we’ll hand the keys over to the wider CA staff as well, gaining valuable insights from those who don’t usually spend their working lives testing and assessing cars. Sometimes, it’s these insights that prove the most valuable...

2019 Holden Trax review: First Impressions with StartsAt60

Sponsored by Holden. In partnership with and Holden, we've tasked retired Sydneysider Edilia Ford (what a name for the job!) with assessing the liveability and features of the 2019 Holden Trax LTZ. What does she think? Let's find out.

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Holden Comparisons

2019 Mazda CX-9 Azami v Holden Acadia LTZ-V comparison

Buyers of large family SUVs are spoilt for choice these days, and most options are loaded with gizmos. The Acadia and CX-9 are two options, but which one stacks up best?

Best ute 2019 comparison: Ford Ranger v Toyota HiLux v Mitsubishi Triton v Nissan Navara v Isuzu D-Max v Holden Colorado v Volkswagen Amarok v Mazda BT-50 v Mercedes X-Class v Ssangyong Musso XLV v LDV T60

We test 11 of the best double-cab utes on sale in Australia today, including towing, loading, in the city and suburbs, and off-road.

Medium SUV off-road test: Toyota RAV4, Holden Equinox, Mazda CX-5, Renault Koleos, Subaru Forester, Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage, Volkswagen Tiguan, Honda CR-V and Nissan X-Trail

We all know your rationale when it comes to buying a medium-sized SUV with all-wheel drive. You want a vehicle with more room for the kid(s) – or kid(s) that are coming – but you also have in the back of your mind that one day you might need to go off-road. Anybody that's done any proper off-roading knows that the type of off-roading you think you're going to do, compared to the type you'll actually do, is very different...

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Holden News

Holden dealers sign $150 million compensation deal 

The majority of Holden dealers have finally signed compensation packages – worth a combined value of close to $150 million – with US car giant General Motors. It follows a protracted legal battle that spilled onto the political field and caught the attention of Australia’s peak consumer and business watchdog...

Million-dollar Holden Monaro sells for $715,000

A classic Holden Monaro has sold at auction over the weekend for $715,000 – short of the expected $1 million – but the car is deemed so valuable it could be banned from being exported because it is classified as a national treasure. The 1969 Holden Monaro GTS350 V8 was the company’s first factory-funded race car...

Countdown to Holden closure: email leaks and the plane trip from Detroit

EXCLUSIVE The bombshell announcement about the closure of the Holden brand narrowly avoided being broken weeks earlier than planned – after claims that executives openly drafted confidential emails while sitting in business class on a flight home from Detroit...

General Motors and Holden dealers in a stalemate

Holden dealers and US car giant General Motors remain at a stalemate over compensation for the sudden shutdown of the brand – despite two days of mediation. Representatives for General Motors and Holden dealers have been in mediation for the past two days, overseen by retired Federal Court Judge, the Honourable Mr Peter Jacobson QC...

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Holden Owner Reviews

2017 Holden Commodore SV6 review

No, it doesn’t have a 6.2 litre LS3. Nor does it have multiple suspension settings, or a bi-modal exhaust system. No, it hasn’t got quad exhausts either and only the V8 gets the FE3 suspension. So then, what makes the 2017 VFII SV6 the best seller in the range? For one, the SV6 shares (from what I can detect) all but one body panel from its V8 brother, that being the lack of a ventilated bonnet...

2000 Holden Berlina V8 review

After being in lock down for weeks and testing positive for cabin fever, I could not take avoiding ‘corona’ any longer. I figured it was time to go viral and spread some mental baggage about my all-time favourite ride. As a serial automotive polygamist, I’ve always bought, enjoyed and sold one or more cars to make room for others… a rinse and repeat that has spanned over thirty years of my life...

1995 Holden Statesman V6 review

I love the name Statesman. Most Australians have heard of a Holden Statesman. It doesn't quite have the same bogan connotations as the Commodore name, and most people I've encountered are quite nostalgic about it. In the '90s you'd buy a Merc if you'd properly "made it." If you were nearly there you'd get a Statesman or Fairlane...

2004 Holden Commodore Acclaim review

I have had my trusty 2004 Commodore Acclaim as my A-to-B driver, in factory blue, since April 2005. When buying, my 2004 VZ Commodore had less then less 20000km on the clock, and was advertised as a new car, drive away, no more to pay, all for $22,000. I used to drive my car down to the car wash and have her washed and waxed at the end of a long week, after traveling over 1000km that week (and that was just with work)...

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