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FPV GT-P Review

Supercharged whine and a stellar exhaust note, what else more could you want?

Medium Car Comparison

With more and more private buyers downsizing from large cars, the demand for medium cars has been on the rise for some time. To make life easier we've picked our favourite six medium cars to outline their strengths and weaknesses. We picked a price point of under $40,000 (not including on-roads) and looked at the most expensive variant that fell below that price point for each make and model...

Ford Focus RS Review

Ballistic. Weapons Grade. Fun. Three perfect synonyms for the Ford Focus RS.

Ford Fiesta Review

The new WT Ford Fiesta adds yet another strong competitor to the ultra-competitive light-car segment.

Ford FPV GT-P Review (Video)

The new FPV GT-P video review is designed to give you a good, detailed look at a sensationally significant new Australian muscle car.

FPV Coyote GT & GS Review

FPV’s new Coyote-based force-fed V8 drivetrain is brilliant. It cost the Prodrive/Ford joint venture – small moment of silence – $35 million to develop.

Ford Focus RS Review

With every gearchange there’s a very vocal exhalation from the turbo’s dump valve before it carries on growling and snarling all the way to its red line.

2010 Ford Mondeo Review & Road Test

Mondeo makes a nice alternative for those looking for a family car that's away from the Falcon/Commodore mould.

Ford Territory Ghia Turbo Review & Road Test

Five years on and it's still just as fun to drive.

Ford Falcon XR6 Review & Road Test

Finding a happy compromise...

Ford Fiesta ECOnetic Review & Road Test

The ECOnetic shines in a league of its own, at least for now.