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2019 Ford Endura Titanium review

Some big SUVs come with seven seats; in fact, the vast majority do. The 2019 Ford Endura doesn’t, which may limit its appeal to some families, but might be just the thing for others.

2019 Ford Endura review

Many Australians sorely miss the locally built Ford Territory. We’ve had our first local drive of the imported Endura to discover whether that large-SUV product gap has been adequately filled…...

2019 Ford Edge ST review

The 2019 Ford Edge ST shows the softer side of Ford Performance's future, trading outright athleticism for rational practicality.

2018 Ford Edge review: Endura first look

Ford has finally confirmed that the Ford Edge will come to Australia as the Endura. We had an early preview in the US and we like what we see.

Ford Endura Videos

Ford Endura ST-Line: The Power to do more for yourself

Sponsored by Ford Adam and Morgan take the 2019 Ford Endura ST-Line away for a weekend of rehabilitation and relaxation, while their road trip tests the car against their list of requirements for purchase. Does the Endura ST-Line tick all the boxes? Watch the video to find out.

REVIEW: Ford Endura (Ford Edge) hits Australia

The Endura certainly has its natural place in Ford’s SUV line-up, offering more interior space than an Escape and lower pricing and greater on-road focus than an Everest. Whether it stands out sufficiently in a crowded mainstream large-SUV class full of seven-seaters is another question.

2018 Ford Edge review: Endura first look

See the full article here. Unlike Holden, which never managed to engineer and build an SUV locally, Ford hit the ground running with the Ford Territory. It was a sales success for the brand, and built on the already impressive platform developed locally by Ford Australia's engineering team...

2016 Ford Kuga (Escape) facelift and Ford Edge : 2015 LA Auto Show

A facelift for the Ford Kuga, known as the Escape in the USA, brings the styling into like with Ford latest SUV, the Everest. We also take a look at the Ford Edge, an SUV that may step in to replace the Territory in a few years time.  ...

Ford Endura Comparisons

2019 Ford Endura v Mazda CX-8 comparison

Ford Australia has had a hole in its product line-up since October 2016. A 4.89-metre hole to be exact, and it went by the name of Territory. There’s been the Everest, of course, but ute-based SUVs still don’t drive like a car-based SUV, and the Ranger-derived Everest is notably more expensive than the Territory was. A solution, however, has arrived from the US...

Ford Endura News

Ford Australia on Endura: Why we didn't name it ‘Territory'

Public feedback contributed to Ford Australia’s decision to avoid reviving the Territory nameplate for the new large SUV it has released this month. The imported Endura joins the brand’s sports utility vehicle range just over two years after local production of the popular Territory ended. The 4...

2019 Ford Endura pricing and specs

Australian pricing and specifications for the new, imported 2019 Ford Endura have been announced today, almost exactly two years since the company killed its Australian manufacturing program. The last Aussie-made Territory and Falcon models rolled down the line on the 7th of October, 2016...

Ford Edge ST takes on Focus, Fiesta - video

Ford Performance is making a big deal of the Edge ST in the USA, pitting it head-to-head with two of its other ST models to prove the high-riding family hauler is properly quick. With 264kW and 515Nm on tap from its 2.7-litre twin-turbo EcoBoost petrol engine, the Edge ST will likely hit 100km/h in around 6.0 seconds...

Ford Endura ST-Line confirmed for Australia

Ford Australia has confirmed the upcoming Endura SUV will offer an ST-Line variant in Australia, with the range scheduled to land Down Under during the fourth quarter of this year. Announced via the local division's Facebook page, the ST-Line isn't to be mistaken for the Edge ST offered in North America, which features a high-output 2...

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