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2021 BMW M3 Competition track review

Since the new BMW M3 has 'Competition' in its name, where better to get acquainted than a racetrack?

2021 BMW M3, M4 review: Prototype test

Just as we did with the 4 Series before it was unveiled, we've hit the track in BMW's new hero M4 coupe – and its M3 sedan twin – before a proper road test later this year.

2019 BMW M3 CS review

Track car, family car, potential future classic. The M3 CS does everything a regular M3 does only better… Mostly.

2019 BMW M3 CS review

We're on site in Europe for the launch of BMW's new M2 and M5 Competition models, and the new M3 CS rolls onto the stage... let's drive.

2018 BMW M3 and M4 Pure review

Not only has BMW's M division sharpened the chassis on its latest BMW M3 and BMW M4, it's also sharpened the price tag and added even more kit for its new Pure editions...

2017 BMW M3 30 Jahre: A step back in time

Where were you in 1987? For me, I was busy being born. But if you were old enough to remember, you more than likely would’ve been sporting the coolest mullet in town or wearing brightly coloured leg warmers while dancing to Belinda Carlisle’s Heaven is a Place on Earth. Yes, there were a lot of cringeworthy moments in the '80s, but there was also some moments to be proud of...

2016 BMW M3 Competition review

For me, BMW's M3 Competition is the perfect blend of looks, performance, handling and practicality, as well as being loaded with all the latest mod-cons to make life comfortable.

2016 BMW M3 and M4 Competition Review

The new Competition updates promise to flex more M3 and M4 muscles. So are the new boys on the block a revelation or just mild evolution?

BMW M3 Review – featuring E92

Before you read any deeper into this BMW M3 review, let me declare some bias. I’m more of an M3 person than an M4 one. It’s not just about the four-door practicality, as most M3 generations sold in Australia have been coupes; or the fact the M3 saves you $10K over the M4; it’s also about that badge...

2014 BMW M3 Review: Track test, skid pan and more

The iconic BMW M3 has been reborn with a new character. Matt Campbell gets to know the turbocharged super sedan in New Zealand.

2014 BMW M3 Review

Does the M3 still make sense or has its limelight been stolen by the M4?

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