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BMW 7 Series Review & Road Test

2009 BMW 740i Review & Road Test The 7 Series still sets the benchmark in large car luxury Model Tested: 2009 BMW 740i; 3.0-litre, twin turbo, six-cylinder; six-speed automatic; sedan - $203,000 (RRP) Options (As Fitted): Dynamic Drive $5250; Comfort Seats $4300; Professional Hi-Fi System $1900; Lane Departure Warning $1300; Side View Camera $900; Sports Leather Steering Wheel $600 CarAdvice Rating: By - Matt Brogan Pics - Paul Maric...

2009 BMW 7 Series diesel Review

Conventional wisdom says that if you are wafting along in a large, luxurious sedan then it should be this quiet, the same conventional wisdom says that if it’s a diesel then it probably won’t be this quiet...

2009 BMW 7 Series Review

BMW 7 Series Review The year was 1977, Apple computers had just been formed, Jimmy Carter became the 39th president of the United States, Star Wars hit the big screen and the Germans launched the BMW 7 Series. Thirty-two years have passed and in that time the world has changed and BMW has established itself as the most successful luxury car maker in the world...

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