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2019 BMW 530i Touring Luxury Line review

If you don't want to blend in with the crowd driving yet another SUV, why not consider a wagon? A great-looking wagon. Paul Maric gets behind the wheel of the BMW 530i Touring, but does it fit the brief?

2018 BMW 530i Touring review

Traditional large luxury wagons are thin on the ground these days, but BMW’s extra-practical 5 Series variant is a persuasive alternative to a posh SUV.

2017 BMW 520d review

The new G30 BMW 520d looks familiar, but this new model does almost everything with a refined, effortless ease, while offering an impressive array of modern technologies for those who want to very latest.

2017 BMW 530e iPerformance review

The 2017 BMW 530e iPerformance PHEV promises landmark parity in pricing and spec to the petrol 530i alternative. But does it comes with any shortcomings or compromise in the user experience?

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2017 BMW 5 Series review

The new 5 Series is here. How is it?

BMW 5 Series Comparisons

2017 BMW 530i vs Mercedes-Benz E300 sedan comparison

While Bill Murray began every Groundhog Day at 6AM back in the early ’90s, the perpetual time warp I’m currently finding myself in starts with ‘5’ and ends with ‘Series sedan from BMW’. Since the all-new seventh-generation 2017 BMW 5 Series range lobbed locally in March, I've sampled both petrol 530i fours and 540i sixes, spent a week with diesel six-cylinder 530d in May, and attended the 530e iPerformance PHEV’s local launch in June...

Luxury sedan comparison part two: Audi A6 v BMW 5 Series v Jaguar XF v Mercedes-Benz E-Class

It's time for the final showdown, where the winner of last month's luxury sedan test goes wheel-to-wheel in a winner-takes all fight against three of the established, premium (and German) stalwarts. That means our Jaguar XF has returned to battle for the British against the Teutonic might of the establishment: the Audi A6, BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class...

BMW 5 Series v Hyundai Genesis : Comparison review

Some might argue this is a pointless test. They’d say there’s not a chance in a fiery underworld that luxury car buyers entranced by the German badges could be swayed by one wearing the Hyundai ‘H’. Yet if it were accepted that unexpected upstarts couldn’t challenge the Germans, then everyone might have ignored a car that in 1989 spooked Audi, BMW and Mercedes with its remarkable build quality and regal levels of refinement...

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BMW 5 Series News

2019 BMW M550i xDrive gets new V8, could come to Oz

BMW has announced running changes for the 5 Series range this week, headlined by a new V8 engine for the M550i xDrive M Performance model. From July 2019, the M550i xDrive will get a new-generation engine seen in the M850i xDrive, a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 making a healthy 390kW of power and 750Nm of torque – not that far off the M5 Competition's 460kW and 750Nm outputs...

BMW initiates Takata recall for 2000-03 5 Series, X5

BMW Australia has issued a recall notice for the 2000-2003 model-year 5 Series and X5 as part of the ongoing Takata airbag recall. The Bavarian marque reports 'some' of the 3391 affected units may have received an affected Takata inflator as part of a "steering wheel conversion during the life of the vehicle"...

BMW recalls 1.6 million diesels globally over fire risk

BMW has extended a safety recall for diesel vehicles across various model lines over a potential fire risk – now affecting around 268,000 units in the UK and 1.6 million globally. According to the Bavarian marque, the fault could see the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) cooler can leak glycol liquid, which could result in "smoldering particles" when combined with high temperatures in the EGR modules and "typical soot particles"...

BMW first to market with wireless charging

BMW has become the first manufacturer to offer factory-backed wireless charging for one of its electrified vehicles, launching an inductive charge pad for the 530e iPerformance. The system involves a pad, placed on the ground in your garage (or outside, thanks to waterproofing) and plugged into an outlet, and a coil underneath the car. It's a 3...

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BMW 5 Series Owner Reviews

1997 BMW 523i review

This is my second E39 – both cars over the 200K mark, and both genuine second-hand vehicles. What a privilege it is to drive the E39. As soon as you sit in this car, you are wrapped in the leather seat, all controls are readily at hand, gauges clear and simple, and walnut trim understated but clearly rewarding you for your choice of vehicle...

1999 BMW 528i review

BMW E39 – The Pinnacle of Timeless and Uncompromised Automotive Driving Pleasure There was a time when German meant better. And that was from 1996–2003 with the BMW E39 5 Series. Globally acclaimed as the best luxury saloon car ever made, the E39 still sets benchmarks in modern cars, notably the VE Holden Commodore and the Hyundai Genesis...

2003 BMW 525i Sport review

Depreciation is both a gift and a curse, depending on who you speak to. For the first owner of this 2003 BMW 525i Sport (series E39), I think she might be the latter. For a car approaching 15 years old, it has lost over 90 per cent of its value, or over $90,000! I would be pretty upset myself. But I am not, as I am on the other side of this capitalist construct...

2012 BMW 535i GT Review

So, after just over four years of ownership 'we' (well the other half) traded in our BMW 535i GT for a 440i Gran Coupe (yes, I know, first world, white people problems). Other half bought the car before we met, as at the time he had decided he wanted: a hatchback for the flexibility of carrying 'Stuff' a larger car than the 3 series Coupe The 535 (actually built on the 7 series platform) was an ex-company car from Brisbane BMW with about 9000km on it and it was at a knockdown price...

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