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BMW 330d Convertible Review & Road Test

The 330d Convertible truly is open-top motoring at its best.

BMW 3 Series Review & Road Test

BMW's new 330d Coupé blows the diesel myth to smithereens...

BMW 320d Review & Road Test

What happens when the Germans decide to make a sporty fuel efficient car? We celebrate.

BMW 335is Review

Mark takes BMW's new 335is on track in Lisbon.

BMW 330d Review & Road Test

BMW’s 330d is an extraordinarily capable car with performance and fuel consumption figures that seem utterly implausible until you drive it. Model Tested: BMW E90 330d; 3...

BMW 330d Review

2009 BMW 330d - First Steer This über-diesel isn't going to lower any expectations By Matt Brogan When it comes to building a strong, no-nonsense diesel, BMW has the equation pretty well sorted. Similarly when you think of a popular German mid-size with perfect on-road manners, and a rewarding drive experience, then not too many people would argue that the 3 Series tops that list as well...

2009 BMW 335i Touring Review & Road Test

2009 BMW 335i Touring Review & Road Test Exclusive, capable and versatile - the ideal family performance package Model Tested: 2009 BMW 335i Touring, 3.0-litre, six-cylinder, six-speed automatic, wagon - $111,700 (RRP) Options: See below CarAdvice Rating: - by Matt Brogan "No, you can't have an M3, we've been through this...

2009 BMW 3 Series Review & Road Test

2009 BMW 325i Review and Road Test Two cylinders more means two thumbs up Model Tested: 2009 BMW 325i automatic - $75,900 RRP Options: Electric sunroof – glass - $2920 Metallic paint (Blue Water) - $1700 BMW light-alloy wheels star spoke 286 with mixed run-flat safety tyres, 17-inch with 225/45 R17, 255/40 R17 - $1000 Interior Trim (Walnut Light) - No Cost Option CarAdvice Rating: I was reading an article in a magazine a few weeks ago that talked about class distinction...

2009 BMW 3 Series Review and Road Test

2009 BMW 320i Review and Road Test 320i has tough competition from within! Model Tested: 2009 BMW 320i Executive auto - $54,500 RRP Options: Professional Navigation System including: TV and voice recognition with control display and 8...

2008 BMW 335i review

BMW 335i Review Model tested: BMW 335i Coupe Recommended Retail Price: $111,700; as tested $117,050. Options fitted: Electric sunroof - glass ($2,750), M Sport Package ($2,600). CarAdvice rating:  4.5 - Photographs and review by Paul Maric As a closet BMW fan, I was quietly hoping that BMW’s new 335i Coupe would make Audi’s S5 – which I test drove a couple of weeks back – watch its back a bit more closely, in anticipation of a heated duel...