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BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series Reviews

2017 BMW 330i GT review

It's a 3 that's as long as a 5 with as much room as an X, but is the 330i Gran Turismo BMW enough?

2016 BMW 330i 100 Year Edition review

A limited-edition 3 Series to celebrate a century of BMW, James takes the 2016 BMW 330i 100 Year Edition for a spin.

2016 BMW 330e Plug-in Hybrid Review

The plug-in hybrid BMW 330e is a welcome addition to the range of Australia's greenest car brand.

2016 BMW 318i Review

The BMW 318i badge returns, packing a three-cylinder engine. Yes, a three-pot 3-Series. Does the package work?

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BMW 3 Series Videos

BMW 318d Touring : do you need an SUV?

With a 495-litre boot capacity, the BMW 3 Series Touring has a larger boot than the all-new Mercedes-Benz C-Class. But its practicality doesn’t end there… With the seats up, there is already plenty of space. But what if you need more? The cargo blind and load barrier can separate and the blind can be stored in a handy compartment under the floor...

BMW 3 Series Hybrid Video Review

The ActiveHybrid 3 aims for both low fuel consumption and high performance - but gets much closer to the latter.

BMW 3 Series Review

http://video.caradvice.com.au/bmw-3-series-review/ It's an Australian top seller in a highly competitive market, but is it the right car for you?

BMW 3 Series Comparisons

Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce v BMW 330i M Sport v Jaguar XE 25t R-Sport comparison

Compact luxury sedans remain a vital part of the business case for any serious player in the premium car market. While luxury car-makers seek to diversify and future-proof by making small entry cars and more crossover SUVs, sedans still sit at the heart of what their makers represent. Brand loyalty aside, the BMW 3 Series is the definitive luxury compact sports sedan...

Audi A4 2.0 TFSI quattro v BMW 330i v Mercedes-Benz C250 Comparison

The new ninth-generation A4 quattro is out to prove it's the new mid-sized premium sedan benchmark, taking on the German standard-bearers in BMW 330i and Mercedes-Benz C250...

BMW 330i v Jaguar XE 25t R-Sport v Lexus IS200t F Sport v Mercedes-Benz C250 : Comparison Review

You’re on your way up the corporate ladder, and you need a compact executive car that befits your burgeoning status. Or, perhaps, you’re coming through the other side, flush and looking to downsize without scrimping on class. What do you buy? Tough question. Fact is, if you’re after a sporty and luxurious mid-sized sedan in Australia, you’re embarrassed with riches...

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BMW 3 Series News

2019 BMW 3 Series teased

BMW has begun the official tease of its next-generation 3 Series, releasing a set of camouflaged pictures of the crucial mid-size sedan taking on the Nurburgring. Although we can't tell too much about the way it'll look, BMW has provided a few tantalising details about the car. For one, it'll maintain its 50/50 weight distribution, and have a centre of gravity around 10mm lower than the current model...

2020 BMW 3 Series 'Electric' spied

A prototype believed to be an all-electric BMW 3 Series has been spied this week, indicating the next-generation mid-sizer could be getting a pure-electric variant. Serving as the Bavarian marque's direct rival to the Tesla Model 3, the electric 3 Series doesn't give much away in terms of distinguishing features from its combustion-powered siblings, other than the 'Electric Test Vehicle' stickers plastered on the sides and rear...

2019 BMW 3 Series Touring spied

The upcoming BMW 3 Series Touring has been snapped for the first time, carrying styling borrowed from its bigger siblings under its pre-production camouflage. Although the requisite zebra-coloured camouflage has been applied to most of the car, we can still make out a few details about the load-lugging 3 Series...

2005-2011 BMW 3 Series recalled

BMW Australia has recalled the 2005-2011 3 Series, over concerns about the interior fan blower wiring. According to the company, the electrical wiring and fan resistor in the blower could deteriorate over time, creating a risk of melting or short-circuit and, subsequently, a fire. There are 44,196 units included in this recall – a VIN list is attached here...

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BMW 3 Series Owner Reviews

2017 BMW 330i M-Sport review

Looks? Tick. Sporty performance? Tick. A ride that won't totally destroy your lumbar spine? Tick. The purchase of my 2017-plated 330i was a big change from the cars I have previously owned (Think WRX/Golf GTI), and being an ageing millennial it was time to change into something a little bit more mature...

1995 BMW 318i review

I’m CarAdvice’s senior editor, which means I have the privilege and honour of covering the industry for Australia’s best auto title. As such, I’m never without a new car or three to evaluate. But as amazing as such a job is, I’ve always thought it important to have a palate cleanser. Driving something older, with character, gives a great contrast...

2014 BMW 316i review

I have been driving this BMW 316i for more than 1200 days and upgraded to an Audi A6 a few months ago, so it might be the right time to share my experience. - Driving experience: With a small engine, it is not quick, especially driving on the freeway – not as nailed as a 328i I tried. When you switch to the Sports mode, you can feel the arguably good driving experience in most situations under 80km/h...

2012 BMW 318d Touring Sport Line review

I do not like SUVs. I know that I am in the minority and that SUVs are steadily taking over the world, but between you and me, a station wagon is much better. As SUVs become more popular (and interestingly more car like), I cannot help but think what most people really need, and should be buying, is a station wagon. Of course, I am not talking about off-roading here...

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BMW 3 Series Galleries

2019 BMW 3 Series teased

2019 BMW 3 Series teased

2020 BMW 3 Series 'Electric' spied

2020 BMW 3 Series 'Electric' spied

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