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The Audi name was born in 1909, when August Horch translated his surname into Latin. Today, the badge recognises the four companies that merged to create the brand as we know it. At the moment, there are 14 models in its lineup, ranging from the A1 city hatchback to the V10-powered R8.

Audi Reviews

2021 Audi RS E-Tron GT review

Audi's e-tron GT is the next in line for the brand's move to full-electric models. Hot on the heels of the SUV, it's a stylish design study, too.

2021 Audi Q4 E-Tron SUV review

Based on the VW Group's MEB electric vehicle platform, the Q4 e-Tron is going to be a vital cog in Audi's all-electric wheel.

2020 Audi RS3 Sportback review: Bidding a quiet farewell to a hot hatch icon

The Audi RS3 is still an epic car, it’s just a lot quieter than it used to be. We say goodbye as this generation makes way for next year's all-new model.

2021 Audi RS3 Carbon Edition quattro sedan review

Ingolstadt's pocket brawler returns to local showrooms after a hiatus. But has Europe's stricter emissions regime neutered the Audi RS3 sedan?

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Audi Videos

Video: Audi virtual exterior mirrors tech review

Audi's E-tron has removed its mirrors and replaced them with cameras but what are they like to live with?

Video: 2021 Audi E-Tron review

Without doubt, the 2021 Audi E-Tron’s strongest selling point will be the fact that it looks, and feels, like any other Audi. That is, its design is classy, its styling sharp and on brand, and its execution is premium. In other words, it’s just like any other Audi product – except for the method of propulsion employed.

Video: 2020 Audi RS and R range review

Which is the best high-performance Audi in the R and RS range? Let the arguments begin.

2020 Audi Q3 40 TFSI review

The new kid on the block is a 2.0-litre, quattro all-wheel drive equipped version called the 40 TFSI. This new version comes in two formats – a regular version which we have on test today, or the more expensive, range topping S Line.

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Audi Comparisons

Old v New: 2020 Audi R8 V10 RWD v 2008 Audi R8 V8 manual

I’m still genuinely amazed every time I lay eyes on a first-generation Audi R8.  Its design really came to fruition in 2003 with the Audi Le Mans quattro concept. The production car, which followed three years later in 2006, didn’t deviate much from the original brief at all. Consider that the first-generation car was conceptualised at the turn of the century, then...

2020 Audi Q3 Sportback v Mercedes-Benz GLA comparison review

Second-generation versions of the Q3 and GLA have both turned up in 2020. We find out which is the better German compact luxury SUV.

Hot 'hatch' review: 2020 Audi RS Q3 Sportback v Mercedes-AMG A45 S comparison

Audi’s high-performance crossover takes on Mercedes-AMG’s hyper-hatch in a battle of racy compacts.

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Audi News

Every new electric car coming to Australia in 2021

When discussing Australia's dearth of electric cars and their related infrastructure, the debate always comes back to consumer choice – or lack thereof. However, with a list of incoming launches, promised models and electric-powered variants on the cards, the limited-choice excuse will hopefully soon be a distant memory...

2021 Audi Q4 E-Tron SUV and Sportback teased, April 15 debut confirmed

The 2021 Audi Q4 E-Tron electric SUV will be unveiled on 15 April 2021 alongside its coupe-styled Sportback sibling. The confirmation of the electric SUV duo's shared reveal date was accompanied on Audi's social media pages by a selection of teaser images and videos, including a darkened static shot of the crossovers' side profiles that reveals the pair will differ in styling primarily through the Sportback's coupe-inspired (and, crucially, more aerodynamic) sloping roofline...

New cars launching in Australia in April 2021

The Australian new-car market is a crowded one, with dozens of manufacturers offering hundreds of models in different segments and body styles. Over 100 all-new, updated or expanded model ranges are due to launch throughout 2021, as chronicled in CarAdvice's 2021 New Car Calendar – but what's there to look forward to this month? Here's a look at every new vehicle launching in Australia in April 2021...

2021 Audi RS5 Sportback up for grabs in charity raffle

A 2021 Audi RS5 Sportback is the grand prize in this year's Audi Foundation charity raffle, with proceeds from ticket sales set to support important causes such as education, mental health and medical research. The RS5 Sportback on offer is valued at more than $176,555 driveaway, but entrants will have the chance to get behind the wheel of Audi's five-door performance car for just $50 a ticket...

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Audi Owner Reviews

2011 Audi Q7 4.2 TDI Quattro review

I thought I should review my wife’s car. Back in 2011 we had our own mini-1970’s oil crisis, pulling a 3.5-tonne horse float with a Toyota LandCruiser featuring the 4.7-litre petrol V8. We could barely get from one petrol station to the next. Jenni had been resisting buying a diesel for the usual feminine reasons, filthy diesel nozzles, hoses, bowsers, sharing space with trucks, but much of that seems to have improved...

2009 Audi A4 3.0 TDI Quattro review

From a young age, like all young boys, I took a keen interest in all things that moved, especially trains. I didn’t have a particularly strong passion for cars until 2012 when my father borrowed my grandfather’s 2001 Audi A6 4.2 FSI Quattro to drive while he looked for a new car...

2019 Audi Q5 50 TDI Quattro Sport review

This is my first experience of an Audi and it was third in line behind Mercedes and BMW sixes. The Mercedes was a disappointment to drive, and this Audi represented far better bang for bucks than BMW. Having owned a Volvo already, another one of these would have been first choice, but I wanted a six-cylinder and they do not exist under the Volvo brand...

2013 Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Quattro review

This is my third A4. My first experience with a German car was an A4 B5 2.4-litre V6 quattro with a 5-speed manual. The second was the A4 B6 1.8-litre S-line quattro with a 6-speed manual. After 10 years of ownership and 220,000 kilometres, repairs and servicing were starting to cost more than the car was worth, so it was sold...

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Audi Galleries

2021 Audi SQ2 price and specs

2021 Audi Q4 E-Tron SUV review

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