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Alfa Romeo Mito Reviews

2015 Alfa Romeo MiTo QV Review

The revised 2015 Alfa Romeo MiTo QV is more of a style statement than a corner-carver...

2014 Alfa Romeo Mito Review

The latest Alfa Romeo Mito range gets subtle styling enhancements, new technology and a frugal new two-cylinder engine...

Alfa Romeo Mito Review

The Mito is not as easy to recommend as a Mini or A1, but an Alfa Romeo badge for just over $25K will be alluring enough for some buyers.

Alfa Romeo MiTo Review

It’s time to take a look at the car that really did kick-start Alfa Romeo’s recent renaissance: the MiTo...

Alfa Romeo Mito Comparisons

Alfa Romeo MiTo vs Citroen DS3 vs MINI Cooper: sexy hatch comparison

Alfa Romeo MiTo vs Citroen DS3 vs MINI Cooper   Model Overview   Alfa Romeo MiTo QV – $34,990 Citroen DS3 DSport – $35,990 MINI Cooper S Hatch – $40,700 (Manufacturer's list prices, not including government or dealer charges.) Just 12 months ago, if you wanted to buy a sexy European hatch on a budget that also had a bit of extra punch, the answer was simple: get a MINI Cooper S...

Alfa Romeo Mito News

Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Mito won't be replaced, next product steps unclear

The Alfa Romeo Mito and Giulietta hatchbacks will not be replaced, Reid Bigland, head of both Alfa Romeo and Maserati, has confirmed. In a conversation with Autocar, Bigland stated that while the Mito and Giulietta would remain in production "for the foreseeable future", no replacements were being planned for them...

2012 Alfa Romeo Mito recalled for brake fix

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has recalled 15 vehicles from the model-year 2012 Alfa Romeo Mito line over concerns that a non-compliant piping connector could cause the brakes to fail. The manufacturer reports that in some vehicles, the brake booster piping connector may not comply with relevant standards...

Alfa Romeo MiTo dropped from Australian line-up

The Alfa Romeo MiTo light hatchback has been removed from the Australian line-up without so much as a quiet ciao. With just four sales so far this year, and only 156 for all of 2015, the little hatchback essentially faded into obscurity. To put this into context, Alfa Romeo has sold 177 units of the 4C sports car and just 160 examples of the MiTo hatch in the 15-month period from January 2015...

Alfa’s QV badge will soon be exclusive to Giulia and above

Alfa Romeo’s Quadrifoglio Verde badge, seen most recently on hot versions of the MiTo and Giulietta hatches, will soon become a far more exclusive image. The familiar four-leafed clover graphic first appeared nearly one hundred years ago as a good-luck talisman for racing driver Ugo Sivocci, and it was his victory at the Targa Florio that saw Alfa Romeo embrace the traditionally Irish image...

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Alfa Romeo Mito Owner Reviews

2009 Alfa Romeo Mito Review

When you first look at the MiTo Sport, you'll notice it doesn't look particularly, well, sporty. Apart from the powder-coated red calipers, and the dual exit muffler, nothing really calls out "Power...SPEED!" Not saying it doesn't look nice, of course. The MiTo possesses the inherent beauty most Alfa owners can attest to...