Toyota has unveiled a racing version of the Toyota iQ city car. It's called the Toyota iQ Racing Concept by GRMN, and it was another one of Toyota's headline acts at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon, in Japan.
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The base model production car wasn't initially designed to take on any race tracks but specialist tuning companies Gazoo Racing and MN have turned the little runabout into a race-ready circuit special.

Both companies have done this by dressing the car in an aggressive wide bodykit incorporating heavily pumped wheel arches, a large front air intake, large front chin spoiler and a rear deck wing. There's also a rear diffuser, racing lightweight wheels and a twin exhaust system.

Upgrades aren't limited to cosmetic attention either, the iQ gets a new supercharged engine, racing alloy pedals and a roll cage. There's also more supportive seats and a racing car-inspired gauge cluster on the dashboard.

President of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, even had time to speak about the tuning world and the various styles the enthusiasts go for. He related the scene to the many different flavours in cooking, saying different kinds of cars have their own flavours. He said,

"This applies not only to cruising performance, but also to styling, riding comfort, the feel of the seats, and so on. In this sense, the flavours of automobiles have a depth equal to that of cooking."

He added,

"I believe it is the mission of automakers to provide the fundamental excitement of automobiles to customers, regardless of the era."

It's good to see the president of Toyota is still interested in making exciting cars. Now, where's that Toyota FT-86/FR-S?