Cars fitted with the new 800 volt powertrain could produce between 700kW and 1400kW, according to the manufacturer.
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Yamaha has announced it will begin production of 350kW electric hypercar motors.

According to the Japanese manufacturer, the prototype has an operating voltage of 800V, and its compact construction allows multiple units to be fitted to a single vehicle.

Assuming one example was fitted to each axle, a car with the new Yamaha powertrain would produce approximately 700kW. Meanwhile, with a motor powering each wheel – as seen in the upcoming Rimac C_Two hypercar – this figure could balloon to as high as 1400kW.

Yamaha Motors says it will exhibit the new electric motor at next month's Automotive Engineering Exposition in Yokohama, alongside other electric motor prototypes.

When the new powertrain does go on sale, the brand expects to sell it to third parties under contract. There is no suggestion at this stage Yamaha will build its own hypercar.

After teasing several high-profile concept cars – including one built in conjunction with legendary designer Gordon Murray – Yamaha announced in 2019 it would cease internal automotive development.