Mazda on track to break yearly sales record

According to the latest VFACTS figures, Mazda is on track to surpass its yearly sales record of 79,826 units, which was reached in 2008. With Mazda already having sold 77,788 new cars this year, the company is only 2039 sales away from a new record.
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Mazda Australia sold 6474 cars during November this year, 2980 of which were Mazda3 models alone. It looks like it is going to be easy for the company to exceed its record this year. And, according to the figures, it'll be Mazda's best-selling model, the Mazda3, that will help push figures over the line.

Mazda3 sales year-to-date are up by 11.4 percent, while Mazda2 sales are also up by six percent. The smallest Mazda in the range made up a total of 1255 of the November sales. Mazda's CX-7 is also contributing to the brand's success this year, and contributed 737 sales to the month's figures

Managing director of Mazda Australia, Doug Dickson, is happy about the company's growth.

"We’re obviously pleased with our performance so far this year and while there is still some work to be done 2010 looks like being a record year for Mazda. This result is testament to the fact that our range of Zoom-Zoom products continues to offer the value and style appreciated by Australian new car buyers."

Well done Mazda. Now all you have to do is produce the Mazda Shinari sports sedan and put it on the market. Then your showroom will be filled with truly competitive packages, catering for almost every market segment.