The quirky electric two-seater will reportedly be priced under AU$20,000 in Europe.
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Swiss manufacturer Micro Mobility Systems has announced its Microlino bubble car will enter production in September, with European pricing slated to start at €12,000 (AU$18,500).

The tiny two-seater – which takes design inspiration from the classic 1950s Italian-designed BMW Isetta – is reportedly capable of speeds up to 90km/h, and weighs just 513kg.

Two battery sizes are on offer (with no kWh figure provided on the website, these are simply referred to as “small” and “large”), offering estimated ranges of 125km and 200km respectively. A full charge reportedly takes just four hours from a regular household wall socket.

The floor-mounted electric motor produces approximately 11kW, sent to the rear wheels via a single speed transmission. This is enough to launch the car from 0-50km/h in 5.0 seconds.

A prototype of the Microlino was unveiled in 2018, at which time it was underpinned by a tubular aluminium frame. The updated variant – which will be homologated for production by August and built in Italy according to the manufacturer – gets a pressed steel and aluminium monocoque for improved safety.

Primary competition in the microcar class will come from the Renault Twizzy and Citroen Ami, both of which are currently on the market in Europe from approximately €6000 (AU$9400).

Micro Mobility Systems also currently builds a three-wheeler electric scooter known as the Microletta, priced from just €4900 (AU$7600) in Europe.