Sales of the Nissan Patrol hit a new high – and the Toyota LandCruiser surged in its final full year of production – as more people prepare to explore Australia amid international travel restrictions.
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The Nissan Patrol has posted its highest sales since this generation model arrived in 2013 – and the Toyota LandCruiser wagon also posted significant gains amid a market slump, and despite its final full year of production.

According to official figures released today by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, Nissan reported 2820 examples of the Y62 Patrol as sold in 2020, a dramatic increase of 44.5 per cent compared to the previous year – and despite an overall market slump of 13.7 per cent due to the coronavirus crisis.

Incredibly, the total 2020 annual sales tally for the Nissan Patrol amounts to one-third of all sales of this generation model since 2013.

And almost half of Nissan Patrol deliveries in 2020 occurred in the last three months of the year.

The Nissan Patrol was often considered being at a disadvantage because it is only available with petrol V8 power (versus V8 diesel in the Toyota LandCruiser).

However, on the open road, testing by CarAdvice has routinely found the fuel consumption of the V8 petrol and diesel to be similar – and yet the Nissan Patrol costs up to $20,000 less than the Toyota LandCruiser.

While the Nissan Patrol’s 2020 sales tally is a record for the nameplate, the Toyota LandCruiser wagon remains the clear Number One in the category, with 15,078 examples reported as sold, an increase of 9.2 per cent year-on-year.

Even though the current generation Toyota LandCruiser is due to go out of production in February/March 2021 – after 14 years and ahead of the arrival of the new Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series later this year – demand remained relatively strong until the end.

The recent 400 limited edition Toyota LandCruiser Horizon models have sold out before they’ve arrived, and dealers only have limited stock coming of GXL, VX and Sahara – and cannot request any more production slots.

Demand for heavy duty four-wheel-drives have largely been driven by an increase in the number of people wanting to holiday at home amid international travel restrictions due to COVID-19 – In December, 2020, reported sales of the Toyota LandCruiser grew by a remarkable 128 per cent when compared to the same month a year prior. Similarly, sales of the Nissan Patrol increased by 98 per cent in the same month.

Sales of most ute-derived four-wheel-drives struggled with supply restrictions amid interruptions to production due to the coronavirus crisis with Isuzu MU-X (7049, down 16.3 per cent), Mitsubishi Pajero Sport (6017, down 7.1 per cent), and Toyota Fortuner (2883, down 4.9 per cent) all reporting year-on-year declines.

However, the Ford Everest bucked that trend (5996, up 12.4 per cent) after securing additional production out of Thailand earlier in the year.