Do you have a BMW M6 that is lacking in power? We thought not. But just in case, G-Power - the guys behind the fastest road-going sedan in the world - have released this package suitable for it, and anyone else who's slightly mad.
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It features not one but two centrifugal superchargers, both of which help the engine pump out more power than most people know what to do with; 597kW (800hp). However, it doesn't really translate to mind-blowing 0-100km/h times as it will 'only' do it in 4.3 seconds, no less. But it will continue to feel as though your hair's being ripped out until it reaches 370km/h. That's where the 597kW comes into play.

Just by looking at this thing, you get the feeling it's able to go very fast. The exterior showcases a big rear deck spoiler... made out of carbon fibre, of course. It also features a carbon fibre front lip spoiler and a new rear diffuser.

Taking a peep inside the car and you'll notice the 400km/h bespoke G-Power speedo backed by a carbon fibre instrument panel with matching centre console and door trims. It also features lavishly sporty, perforated Kjerba Nappa leather seats, keeping you comfortable and constantly reminding you how very serious this package is.

G-Power will do the Hurricane RR BMW M6 as a drive-away new-car type deal for 252,100 euro (about AU$345,415). The company will also take your unmolested BMW M6 and, in exchange for 56,000 euro (about AU$76,744), modify it up to Hurricane RR specification. Either way, it's a brutally fast car.