Porsche has announced it will be unveiling a new 'mid-engined sports car' at the Los Angles Auto Show later this month. Although the exact model in question hasn't been officially announced, it is believed it will be the Porsche Cayman Clubsport.
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The car will sit alongside two other special editions recently released by Porsche - the Porsche 911 Speedster and the 911 GTS - at the show, starting November 19. Reports say the Porsche Cayman CS will be powered by a 248kW 3.4-litre flat six.

The Clubsport version may only see an additional 13kW of power, but it doesn't take a Porsche historian to figure out this car will be more about maintaining lightness and showcasing superior handling. Speculators say up to 80kg could be shed from the normal Cayman S weight.

As mentioned, the car may not debut at the LA show, Porsche could be debuting the almighty Porsche 918 production version... also a 'mid-engined sports car'. We'll have to wait and see.