2011 Volkswagen Up to debut at Frankfurt show

Volkswagen has announced it will unveil the upcoming Volkswagen Up! production version at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September, 2011. It's likely to be called the Volkswagen Lupo by production.
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Volkswagen plans a range of new platforms for the Up! (new Lupo) including a sedan, a five-door and a minivan variant - all offered with various engines. Volkswagen has said an electric model will be on offer in 2013, but before then we'll get three-cylinder diesel and petrol versions. Reports say an Audi version of the electric model may also follow.

Pricing for the new minicar is said to hover around the €10,000 mark, which puts it nicely into the AU$15,000 category here in Australia. The car will be accompanied by the usual import taxes though so we can expect a price slightly higher than a straight exchange-rate conversion.

The car is scheduled to go on sale shortly after debuting at the Frankfurt show with deliveries set to take place at the end of 2011. Production is said to take place at Volkswagen's manufacturing plant in Bratislava, Slovakia.