Introducing Aerocivic

With many automotive manufacturers claiming fuel efficient cars cost too much to build, an American man known only as Basjoos has built his own 'Aerocivic' and achieved 95mpg (2.48 litres per 100km).
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Now sure, it's as ugly as a hat full of busted eggs, but the figures prove that with a little bit of know-how, anything is possible.

Built from materials including aluminium, coroplast and lexan (perspex) Basjoos purchased at the local hardware shop, he managed to construct the vehicle entirely in his backyard. We'd never have guessed that.

Furthermore with only his basic aerodynamic knowledge he says he has reduced the drag coefficient of the 1992 Honda Civic CX from 0.34 to 0.17.

The vehicle will cruise as high as 90mph (145km/h) and tops out at 100mph (161km/h), though Basjoos claims fuel economy is dramatically reduced at these speeds.

Basjoos is now a contender in the Automotive X-Prize competition which offers $US10 million ($A11.4 million) for the first person to construct an 100mpg (2.35 l /100km) car.