Porsche's smartphone app provides drivers with air quality information based on real-time location.
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Porsche wants to make sure your next drive in the fresh air is indeed a drive in the fresh air, as the Porsche Roads app – which promotes great driving routes to the connected Porsche community – now includes an Air Quality Index (AQI) rating for your location.

Using a simple red/orange/green ‘traffic light’ ranking, the app suggests whether you need to avoid the route due to poor air quality (red), roll the windows up and use the climate control recirculation function (orange), or drop the roof and hit the open road topless and carefree (green).

The data is based on information provided by weather intelligence service, ClimaCell, which offer a number of real-time weather data solutions for the automotive industry (among others), to brands such as Uber and Ford, to help with autonomous vehicle and route planning data.

When you open the Roads app, a symbol on the top of the screen shows the Air Quality Index (AQI) rating as a score out of 100 (higher is better). The reading in inner-eastern Melbourne is a windows-down friendly 94.

The app contains a number of recommended drives, sourced by the Roads user community, but you can create and share your own routes if you like.

The Porsche Roads app is free to download from the iPhone App Store and is even supported through Apple CarPlay equipped head units. The best part being, you don’t need a Porsche to use the app, although it’s probably more fun if you do.