Owners of the Suzuki Jimny in Australia can now pay for an option that claims to double their vehicle's payload.
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Suzuki Jimny owners can now upgrade the GVM (gross vehicle mass) of their pint-sized off-roaders, thanks to local aftermarket outfitters Ironman 4x4.

Fully compliant with Australian regulations, the kit adds 350 kilograms of payload, increasing the GVM from 1435kg to 1785kg. This more than doubles the available payload, compared to a standard Jimny.

This is accomodated by increasing the axle loads to 800 kilograms in the front and 1100 kilograms in the rear, which is an improvement from 680kg and 880kg respectively.

GVM upgrades will likely become a handy addition for the Jimny, which has become a popular target for modifications in Australia. However, things like bullbars, winches, roof racks and protection will quickly eat into the meagre payload available.

Adding in a handful accessories, along with a boot-load of gear and a passenger, will likely see the Jimny's GVM exceeded.

Standard, the 2020 Suzuki Jimny has a listed payload of 325kg with an automatic transmission, and 340kg with a manual.

Towing capacity remains the same, at 1300kg braked and 350kg unbraked.

Ironman 4x4's GVM upgrade is available as a pre and post registration kit, with prices starting from $2571 for the components. This doesn't include shipping and fitment costs, and the kits needs to be fitted by an approved installer. The kit is also subject to individual state compliances, which vary.