Chief engineer confirms right-hand-drive Corvettes are being driven as the model inches closer to an Australian release.
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UPDATE: Following the early September appearance of the new Chevrolet Corvette in right-hand-drive form, the newly established GM Specialty Vehicles has begun teasing its Australian launch for the new mid-engined hero on its Instagram page.

The company is no closer to confirming exact timing for the Corvette's launch, but a late 2021 date is expected.

September 7: Engineers in the US are test-driving early pre-production right-hand-drive versions of the Chevrolet Corvette ahead of an Australian showroom debut in late 2021.

The chief engineer responsible for the sports car, Tadge Juechter, confirmed the news to website CorvetteBlogger during an online event recently.

"Yes, some of us are actually driving them around… it’s very strange to be driving a Corvette with the steering wheel on the right-hand side", Mr Juechter said when questioned about the right-hand-drive Corvette.

"We’ve built some and we’ll be doing some of our pre-production testing now in the US."

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Japan will be the first right-hand-drive country to receive the mid-engined Chevrolet, with General Motors announcing the base Corvette 2LT will be priced in the Japanese market from ¥11.8M – approximately AU$152,000.

The higher-spec Corvette 3LT is priced at ¥14M in Japan, or roughly AU$180,000.

The head of marketing for the Corvette has previously been quoted as saying: "I really like the Australian car because it’s all localised and so the navigation … has that cool Australian voice that comes through".

Timing for an Australian release has yet to be announced, but the mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette is expected in 2021 under the new GMSV brand.