Hydrogen-fueled mobile solution designed to assist disaster relief efforts by providing reliable power.
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Toyota Motor Corporation and Honda's research and development arm are set to begin testing a mobile hydrogen power generation and output system.

The system, dubbed 'Moving e', consists of a customised Toyota 'FC' Hydrogen fuel cell bus, a Honda 'Power Exporter 9000' portable external output device, and two types of portable Honda battery packs.

It has been created to both generate and reliably supply power in natural disaster situations, as well as act as transport during such circumstances.

'Moving e' can either be used to power homes, evacuation centres, or in itself act as a disaster relief centre with its own on-board accommodation.

Naturally, 'Moving e' must be driven to the actual disaster location in order to provide assistance. If power is required in more difficult to reach areas, on-board portable battery packs can be deployed, as well as brought back for recharging once depleted.

The solution has been designed to work within a 100km radius of a hydrogen refueling station, and in this scenario can generate a maximum electricity supply of approximately 240kWh with an output of 18kW.

Both Toyota Motor Corporation and Honda's R&D team plan to verify the effectiveness of 'Moving e' via testing at regular events, as well as in any future emergency situations with cooperating municipalities, as of September 2020.