The new windscreen wiper technology could be fitted to Tesla's new electric pick-up, according to an overseas report.
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A new windscreen wiper design – first patented by Tesla in late 2019 – could make its debut on the upcoming Cybertruck.

According to the website InsideEVs, the patent lends itself to the flat windscreen fitted to the sharply-creased Tesla pick-up.

Rather than pivoting from a fixed point as with a traditional system, the patented design uses an electromagnetic block that moves horizontally across the entire length of the windshield.

It's understood the wiper arm pivots from the moving block, allowing greater coverage of the windshield, and at a quicker pace.

The design can be thought of as a track fitted below the windshield, only with a moving block hovering using a magnet system – much in the same way a Maglev bullet train operates.

The patent states the design reduces friction, and thereby improving the efficiency of the vehicle's battery.

However, this isn't the first theory to be discussed when it comes to the windscreen wipers on the Tesla Cybertruck, after the electric pick-up was first shown to the public without any visible wipers fitted.

Rumours on the internet have suggested another patent by a Tesla employee could be used, in which lasers could vaporise water on the windshield.

Another Tesla fan has suggested the company could use an 'air knife' system, where a layer of high-pressure air is pushed over the windshield to clear water from the glass.

While the electromagnetic wiper theory holds the best hope of becoming a reality, patents by car manufacturers are often discarded in favour of more traditional, proven techniques.