Skoda's plug-in hybrid models can be recharged using Amazon's digital voice assistant.
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European owners of the plug-in hybrid Skoda Superb iV will now be able to recharge their vehicles using Amazon Alexa voice commands.

'Alexa, ask Skoda, I want to start charging my car,' is apparently all you need to say for your Skoda to begin recharging.

While the cars need to be plugged into a power source beforehand, it allows owners to choose exactly when the recharging cycle begins.

For example, an owner could arrive home from work, park their Skoda Superb iV in the garage, and connect the car to the charging point.

Later that night they could ask Alexa for the lights in the house to be turned off and the vehicle charging to begin, all from the comfort of their bed.

The feature means owners with solar power generation can manage consumption loads on their system, while those connected to a traditional power grid can easily charge their vehicle during off-peak times – using simple voice commands – and potentially lowering their electricity costs.

With language recognition in English, French, German, and Italian, the Amazon Alexa assistant can also turn on vehicle air-conditioning as well as report on the charging level and overall health of the vehicle.

Although Skoda's plug-in hybrid models are not currently offered in Australia, it gives local buyers an insight into what they might expect to be available in the future.