Former Nissan CEO and international fugitive Carlos Ghosn is reportedly safe, but his home has suffered extensive damage.
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Fugitive and former car company boss Carlos Ghosn and his family are reportedly safe following an explosion in Beirut overnight, but his house was "destroyed" according to Brazilian newspaper O Estado de São Paulo.

Ghosn, the former CEO of Renault and Nissan, fled Japan in a dramatic escape on 31 December 2019, flying to his hometown of Beirut, Lebanon. Brazilian-born Ghosn grew up in Beirut from the age of six.

His wife, Carole Nahas, told reporters the family was safe, but their home had been damaged in the devastating explosion in Lebanon's capital.

The explosion occurred at the Port of Beirut, only 1.5 kilometres from the Ghosn residence (shown below in 2019), located in the exclusive neighbourhood of Furn Al Hayek.

The Age reports hundreds of people are thought to have died in the massive explosion, with one Australian among the deceased.

Both Ghosn and his wife are considered international fugitives, wanted by Japanese officials on various charges. Ghosn says evidence emerged in June 2020 supports his claims of a conspiracy by Nissan and the Japanese government.