The electric Taycan is emerging as a potential threat to Tesla sales, despite the price gap.
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The all-electric Porsche Taycan is attracting plenty of interest from outside the traditional Porsche market, with half of all registered expressions-of-interest (EOI) coming from Australian buyers that are new to the German brand.

The Australian order book for the Taycan officially opened in early June, when pricing for the range was announced.

However, a ‘pre-order’ program, in which buyers registered their interest together with a small (refundable) holding deposit, has been quietly available since the car was first confirmed for the Australian market.

Where is the interest coming from?

CarAdvice spoke with a Porsche Australia representative at the recent viewing of the Taycan in Melbourne, who said that “EOI on the Taycan is about half-and-half existing Porsche customers and those new to the brand”.

For those making their first journey into the Porsche dealership, it's not so much the badge that appeals to them as it is the technical underpinnings of the electric Taycan.

Porsche Australia notes that “many registered buyers who are new to the brand are already highly engaged and familiar with electric vehicles”.

Reading between the lines, it would seem existing Tesla owners are showing more than just passing interest in the Porsche sedan.

The Taycan slots into the Australian Porsche range between the Cayenne SUV and Panamera sedan in both size and pricing.

Don’t expect to see a flood of these hitting the second-hand market as trade-ins any time soon, either, as many EOI registrants noted that the Taycan would simply be an ‘additional’ vehicle in their stable.

How does the Taycan fit into the Porsche Australia line-up?

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Price doesn't appear to be a barrier for potential buyers, with the majority of early interest skewing towards the high-specification Turbo and Turbo S models.

The first Australian deliveries of the 2020 Porsche Taycan are scheduled for December this year.

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