Kia POP EV concept debuts at Paris show

Here's something a little different from Kia. It's called the Kia POP and it's just been unveiled at the Paris Motor Show with a design that takes electric vehicles to an all-new level.
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The first obvious element to this car is the doors and the huge capsule-looking window design. These swing open diagonally like an exotic supercar and expose a purple colour scheme which Kia says provides a calm and peaceful environment.

Powering the little POP is an all-electric motor offering 50kW and 190Nm of torque. It doesn't sound like much but it is designed as a small city runaround. It'll still reach 140km/h, too, which is plenty. With a range of 160km it's a perfect combination of convenience and zero tailpipe-emission technology.

Kia Europe’s Chief Designer, Gregory Guillaume, who designed the concept recently said,

"A concept car like the POP could only have come from Kia. Designers very rarely have the opportunity to start from a clean sheet of paper and it’s great to be in a position to operate with such freedom."

The Kia POP electric motor isn't powered by the popular lithium-ion battery type, in cooperation with LG Chem, Kia has adopted lithium polymer gel battery technology which is much more compact than the equivalent ion type, Kia says up to 20 percent volume can be reduced.

Kia POP specifications:

Lithium polymer gel battery
Type / capacity Electric motor with lithium polymer gel battery / 18 kWh
Power/torque 50kW 190Nm
Emissions 0 g/km at tailpipe

Dimensions (mm)
Overall length 3000 Overall width 1740 (excluding door mirrors)
Overall height 1490 Wheelbase 2055

Top speed (kph) 140
Range / km 160
Charging time 6 hours (230V)
Charging time 30 minutes (high voltage)