Tough new anti-hoon laws for NSW

Under a new set of laws outlined today by the NSW Government, car hoons could face potential jail time for aggravated street racing, burnouts and other dangerous driving offences.
Tough new Anti-Hoon laws for NSW
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The news comes following the decision to begin destroying cars in crash tests as a drastic measure to cull would-be hoons.

Fines associated with these offences have also trebled to $3300, with police now given the power to strip a driver of their licence for up to 12 months.

Repeat offenders may also face jail time of up to 9 months, where as previously this only applied following a second more serious offence such as colliding with another car or injuring a person.

Car owners and parents are also in the firing line if their car is used by the convicted driver, with measures extending to a wheel clamping program, where cars are immobilised and dumped in owner's yard at home.

Perhaps if the NSW Government would actually consult these "hoons" to better understand the needs for a cheap, easily accessible race track these sorts of laws would not be necessary.

As it stands now, Australia is quickly following Canadian and U.S. authorities by passing tough anti-hoon laws to crush cars and jail drivers. From preliminary reports from our allies in the US, similar laws have done nothing to curb the hoon-epidemic.

Stay tuned for more knee-jerk reactions from other state governments in the next 6-12 months.