Australia's GR stable might be about to grow, according to intellectual property applications made by Toyota.
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Recent trademark applications made by Toyota suggest the brand could be planning Gazoo Racing versions of its Corolla and C-HR models for Australia.

The three applications, lodged with Intellectual Property Australia (and noted on, seek trademarks for the terms ‘GR Corolla’, ‘C-HR GR-Sport’ and ‘C-HR GR-S’.

GR stands for Gazoo Racing – the nameplate for Toyota’s new generation of performance vehicles. The GR badge is already worn by the Supra and upcoming GR Yaris.

CarAdvice believes the models are currently under consideration by Toyota Australia, however the registering of trademark should not be taken as confirmation.

"We have no announcements today on the introduction to Australia of 'GR Corolla', 'C-HR GR-Sport' and 'C-HR GR-S', except to say that we would not rule any of these out for Australia," a Toyota spokesperson told CarAdvice.

"We are aware of the strong appetite for high-performance vehicles in our local market and Toyota Australia will push hard to bring models here that offer credible performance upgrades over standard models as a priority."

"As part of our normal business practice we will register vehicle name trademarks along with Toyota in Japan to ensure that those names are protected for our use locally."

A GR Corolla was reported as in the works earlier this year, with an expected debut in UK showrooms in 2023 but no confirmation for Australia.

However, back in February, Toyota Australia expressed interest in the model to CarAdvice.

Above: Toyota C-HR GR Sport | Top of page: a speculative rendering of the GR Corolla by X-Tomi Design.

"Toyota Australia has previously said that we would look into any GR product that becomes available globally for introduction into Australia, if it suits our market needs.”

“A GR Corolla with significantly upgraded performance from the standard vehicle would definitely be on our radar for introduction to Australia."

The C-HR GR Sport was revealed in late 2019 as a sports kit for the C-HR, with tweaks to steering and suspension.

The Australian application for C-HR GR trademarks appears to be a change of heart from Toyota Australia, after the brand told CarAdvice in late 2019 that the car was “not immediately on our radar”.

"We would not rule it out, however, our current focus remains on vehicles with a significant level of performance improvement as a priority," a Toyota spokesperson told CarAdvice.

“We will study the introduction of vehicles with cosmetic and handling related changes as a secondary priority at this stage."