Lamborghini Reventón takes on a Tornado

In a nod to its aero-inspired origins, the Lamborghini Reventón has taken on an A200-A Tornado fighter plane at a military airfield in Brescia, Italy.
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On the 3km Ghedi airstrip, a Lambo test driver, ahem, piloted the Reventón to its top speed of 340km/h, taking the lead in a standing start race.


We're told that this was not just a publicity stunt; once the flag was dropped, the race was on for young and old.

The Tornado caught up within the last few metres, overtaking the Reventón, lifting off and flying overhead.


Sure, it's not the first car versus plane race in history, but since it involves a Lamborghini, we thought you'd want to know about it.

We know there's only 20 of them made. We know it's priced well out of our league. We know it's only made in left hand drive. But just look at it! Those feelings of covetousness have never been stronger....