Instant Carma

Carma is the result of four design students being let loose on a Porsche at the exclusive Institute of Superior Design in France.
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The project's aim was to produce a more slippery, aerodynamically effective Porsche by utilising existing aerodynamic fundamentals, basic physics, and some classic French verve to reduce the vehicle's overall drag co-efficient. But how did they do it?

Housed inside the rear end is an internal spoiler which is only revealed at speed when sections of the panel work slide back and deflect air flow downward over two diffusers and out the back of the car, increasing rear end stability.


There are also a pair of venturi tunnels beneath the floor of the car which run front-to-rear increasing ground effect, thus sucking the car on to the road. An idea more commonly seen in F1 cars.

Despite being a menace to reverse park, I'm sure the sort of thinking seen in this prototype will one day make it in to production versions and presented in this stylish manner, is a credit to the four young designers who have at long last made practicality aesthetically pleasing.