Subaru to produce cars in China

With China being the world's biggest automotive market, Subaru is one of the only main-stream car companies that doesn't have a manufacturing plant in the country.
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If Subaru wishes to continue its competitive edge in the market, it must think about expanding into China like so many other companies are opting to do. And according to Japanese media reports, that's exactly what the company is planning.

In a recent Nikkei business daily report, Fuji Heavy Industries - parent company of Subaru - president Ikuo Mori, said,

“We are now in talks with several local makers as possible candidates for a joint venture partner. We are going to decide how to advance there by the end of the year.”

The company sold 35,000 cars in China last year, and is hoping to increase sales to 50,000 this year. Mori says Subaru is then aiming to reach a target of 100,000 annually, attaching no specific schedule.