Japanese brand to launch clean and efficient diesel engine tech next year, as part of its multi-solution approach to sustainable motoring.
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Mazda remains committed to the diesel engine, despite many manufacturers shying away from the powertrain technology in the wake of the Dieselgate emissions scandal, promising a "new approach" to diesel engines next year.

Speaking with the UK's Autocar, the company's European R&D boss, Christian Schultze, said: "We are sticking to diesel engines. In 2020, we have a new approach to diesel engines".

"We will show you how clean and very efficient diesel engines can be."

"There are not so many differences between petrol and diesel," he added when asked if the new oilers will use similar technology to Mazda's SkyActiv-X compression ignition petrol engine.

Mazda is looking to continuously develop internal combustion technologies while also rolling out electrification options, rather than solely focusing on the latter like many European marques.

Schultze noted that there's more than one way to approach sustainable mobility.

"If we come into an age where sustainable fuels are economically similar, why not use them?"

"We hope governments wake up and see that electrification is one way but there are others, too. Skyactiv-X is a step in the right direction."

Mazda will reveal its first electric vehicle (EV) at the Tokyo motor show later this week, which will take the form of a swoopy-styled crossover that likely has a lot in common with the new CX-30 – given the development prototypes have been wearing CX-30 sheet metal.