Hyundai reveals AI cruise control system

Ever wanted an adaptive cruise control system that drives just like you? Hyundai and Kia is working on it.
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Hyundai Motor Group has revealed a new adaptive cruise control system that learns your driving style and attempts to mimic it.

The company says the Machine Learning based Smart Cruise Control (ML-SCC) is a the world's first cruise system to incorporate the "driver's patterns into its self-driving behaviour".

It monitors how far behind the traffic a driver sits, how aggressively they accelerate, and how quickly they react to changes in the traffic flow. The system also takes into account how driver behaviour changes at different speeds, as Hyundai pushes to develop a system that feels more natural than existing Smart Cruise Control systems.

"When Smart Cruise Control was activated and the vehicle operated differently than they prefer, drivers sensed the difference, resulting in a reluctance to use the technology because it made them feel anxious and unstable," the company says in its media release.

When it launches, the 'level 2.5' ML-SCC system is aimed at making adaptive cruise feel more natural from behind the wheel.

It gathers data from the car's camera and radar, constantly watching driver behaviour and feeding information to the car's centralised computer.

That computer, essentially the car's artificial intelligence (AI) brain, draws relevant information from the data and runs it through a 'machine learning algorithm' to categorise and use it when adaptive cruise is activated.

Hyundai says its system is constantly monitoring the driver to learn more about their driving style, and claims it's "programmed specifically to avoid learning unsafe driving patterns, increasing its reliability and safety".